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Watching a movie (category GOOD)

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In the MULTIPLEX cinemas, you will not only experience the immersive atmosphere provided by the latest technology and qualified staff, but also enjoy the maximum comfort, a varied selection of food and drinks in the bar.
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Seats in the GOOD category mean classic comfortable chairs for watching movies.
To use a physical and / or electronic "Multiplex" gift certificate, you must present a promotional code at the checkout for exchange for one ticket.
Only one certificate can be exchanged per purchase.

Terms & Conditions

The certificate is valid for the category "GOOD" or subject to availability.

    How to use a Multiplex certificate

    1. The expiration date of the certificate is indicated on the card.
    2. The denomination of the certificate is equal to the cost of the ticket for the selected seat.
    3. The certificate is valid for seats of the "GOOD" category, subject to availability.
    4. Only one certificate can be exchanged per purchase.
    5. The certificate cannot be used in the cinema bar.
    6. The certificate cannot be returned or restored in case of loss.
    7. The certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.

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electronic certificate Watching a movie (category GOOD)
Receive within 2 days
physical certificate Watching a movie (category GOOD)


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