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Paragliding is the most natural and affordable way to get up in the air and soar under the clouds like a bird or try some dizzying aerial acrobatics. Experienced and friendly pilots will make your experience of the Sky exciting and unforgettable, and your landing will be smooth and safe.

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How to use

To use the BabakFly gift certificate, you need to call +38 093-306-45-03, provide the certificate code and select the desired date. One certificate is for 1 paragliding flight with an instructor.

Terms & Conditions

During the hostilities, the club suspended its work.

    How to use BabakFly certificate

    1. The certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
    2. The term of the certificate is calculated only in the period from April 01 to November 01. In case you purchased a certificate outside these dates, the validity period starts counting from April 01 of the next year.
    3. One certificate is for 1 paragliding flight with an instructor.
    4. Before the flight, you must give a gift certificate to the pilot.
    5. Due to changes in weather conditions, BabakFly may reschedule the flight to another day. In this case, the certificate will be valid for the postponed date.
    6. The certificate cannot be returned and restored in case of loss.
    7. The certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.


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Planeta Kino Planeta Kino
Buy from 100 UAH
Network of cinemas
Delivery Khachapuri and Wine Delivery Khachapuri and Wine
Buy from 300 UAH
Food Delivery from Georgian Restaurant Chain

Quiet rest - it's not for you and not about you? Do you prefer something active or even extreme? Does the sky beckon you with its infinity? Then paragliding is the best that can be! This is an ultralight and simple aircraft that has a parachute wing and a motor. Only after rising from the ground you can feel a huge bouquet of different emotions and impressions. You will be at the height of the bird's flight, around only crystal clear air and incredible views.

What is paragliding?

Everyone should definitely fly a paraglider at least once in their life, the height and speed of flight are responsible for adrenaline, and you can get aesthetic pleasure from landscapes, which is also important. In addition, you should not worry about safety, since the flight is carried out together with an experienced instructor who will fly the aircraft.


Paragliding Kiev is a real air adventure that starts from the moment you just take to the skies. You can be sure that after the flight you can safely say that this is one of the best experiences of your life!


Just imagine for a moment - the lightness of the clouds and the crystal clearness of the sky, freedom, like birds that easily move through the heavens, and all this, as well as a real storm of emotions, you can give to your dearest and closest person, for this you just need to buy gift certificate paragliding. To experience such an impression on yourself, you only need a certificate, and then you can proudly and boldly spread your wings, rise high into the sky and surrender to the air currents.


The paragliding certificate can be used at any time, because flights are held all year round. The instructors who will fly with you have extensive experience in climbing and paragliding, so you should not worry about safety. They will become your partner, demonstrate their skills in paragliding and teach you! In addition, paragliders are constantly undergoing maintenance. Paragliding is an opportunity to get an excellent portion of adrenaline, extreme and drive quite safely and without risks.

Paragliding certificate: an experience worthy of attention

A paragliding certificate is suitable for absolutely everyone, those who dream of climbing into the sky and soaring there like a bird, those who love extreme sports and those who are always up for trying something new and interesting. Free flight will seem to you simply endless, and impressions, emotions and memories after it will remain with you for a long time. This is a great birthday gift option, but only if the person is not afraid of heights. This is not just an extreme experience, but an opportunity to discover completely new facets and emotions.


The paraglider itself is a volumetric dome, with its help you can climb to a height of over 4000 meters and fly over 300 km (only with a qualified and experienced instructor). The paraglider differs from other aircraft in that it has easy takeoff, landing and control.


To go paragliding, you need to agree on a flight in advance, then meet with the instructors at the place where you will start from. There you will be given a detailed briefing, told about safety rules and how to fly a paraglider.

Order a paragliding gift certificate at Giftmall

If you think that paragliding is the best gift option, then we understand and support you perfectly. Firstly, this is a real surprise, secondly, such a gift will not lie in a distant drawer, and thirdly, it will be able to give unforgettable emotions to the hero of the occasion.


It is very easy to order a Kiev paragliding certificate, select this experience and add it to your shopping cart. Before placing an order, we strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the information about the requirements and restrictions. If everything suits you - fill out the classic order form, indicating all the necessary data to send the certificate.


And then it's up to you - you get a certificate at the post office, pack it beautifully (you can also order holiday packaging and a postcard at Giftmall), give a gift and be glad that you were able to make a person happy!

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