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Sinevo Ukraine is a medical laboratory of European origin. Now, in order to pass tests and get quality service, there is no need to leave the country. More than 200 branches in 70 cities of Ukraine provide residents with a full range of diagnostic procedures.
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Terms and conditions
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Before visiting the laboratory, Gift Mall should provide the following information:
1. The city in which you plan to receive the service
2. Name
3. e-mail
4. contact phone number
5. date of birth and sex
Wait for the SMS with the code to be displayed in the laboratory.
The code is valid from the date of receipt.

Terms & Conditions

    How to use Synevo giftcard

    1. Certificates are valid in the network of "Synevo" laboratory centers in Ukraine, except those marked with the "*" symbol on the company's website (https://www.synevo.ua/en/gde-sdat-analiz/).
    2. It is possible to submit the analyzes within one month after receiving an SMS message with the code, which should be shown to the staff of the laboratory center.
    3. It is possible to submit analyzes only for one visit to the laboratory center, in the city and the person who was specified when purchasing the certificate.
    4. All discounts, promotions and special offers, which are valid in the network of "Synevo" laboratory centers in Ukraine, do not apply to the certificate.
    5. The certificate can not be exchanged for money.
    6. When you pay for the Certificate, you agree to the terms of the public contract for the provision of medical services, posted on the site of the medical laboratory "Synevo" at the following link (https://www.synevo.ua/ru/cart/?id=357). You agree that the Customer is online ordering medical services provided by Gift Card Mall LLC
    7. When you pay for the Certificate, you grant "Soft Card Mold" Ltd. the right to process personal data, which are indicated in the order form, including those relating to the application for medical assistance and health.
    8. If, after receiving an SMS message with a code, the medical service will not be received within the period specified in the SMS message, the funds for the acquired Certificate will not be returned.

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