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GiftMall gift card

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GiftMall gift card
GiftMall gift card is a dream present. You give it, and a person chooses everything he wants: from a photo shoot to a vacuum cleaner. The universal certificate is valid for all products, services and all institutions represented on the site.
  • Work in on-line store
  • Can be used in parts
Terms and conditions
Select type
Type the denomination (min.200 ₴ - max 500000 ₴.)
Enter amount
gift certificate GiftMall gift card

Not money in envelope

The certificate is almost like money in an envelope. It allows the recipient to choose and buy any goods in the amount of par value. Only looks more festive. And guarantees that the amount will be spent on the right.
gift certificate GiftMall gift card

Does not collect dust on the shelf

Anyone who receives this certificate as a gift will be able to decide and choose for himself what he needs. You will not definitely make a mistake, the gift will not exactly gather dust on the shelf, the recipient will definitely be pleased.

How does it work

Step 1
Select the certificate for your friends, yourself or employees
Step 2
Give with a smile and a pure heart
Step 3
Use during the validity period of the certificate and be glad that he gave the right

How to donate?

Step 1
Choose the type of certificate: physical, electronic or SMS.
Step 2
Enter data: certificate denomination, how many you need and how to pack them.
Step 3
Leave your contacts, contacts the beneficiary and pay.
Step 4
Man receives a certificate at a specified time and is very happy gift. And you rejoice for him.

How to use

To use the GiftMall gift card, you must exchange the card balance for the desired brand certificates on Giftmall.com.ua.
Validity of certificates is 60 months. After the expiration date, the certificate cannot be used.

Types of this certificate

Will send via email
electronic certificate GiftMall gift card
Receive within 2 days
physical certificate GiftMall gift card
Will send to the recipient's number
sms certificate GiftMall gift card


Киев 2019-06-25 16:51:30
самый лучший сертификат!!!!
Киев 2019-07-30 16:27:41
Очень удобно дарить. По сути деньги, но которые запоминаются)
2019-09-11 16:38:42
компания подарила сертификат giftmall. прикольно что его можно обменять на несколько других сертификатов
Белая Церковь 2019-09-17 17:45:43
Чудовий сертифікат. Купувала мамі на День Народження, все сподобалось: від обслуговування до оформлення замовлення. P.S. дуже красива упаковка та стікери, які дають у подарунок.
Киев 2019-09-26 15:22:32
Прекрасный сервис! Универсальная карта GiftMall позволяет самостоятельно выбрать подарок. Это очень облегчает выбор) Активация карты занимает несколько минут. Очень быстро и удобно. Стильное оформление. Все очень понравилось!

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