giftmall has the largest selection of gift cards and allows you to convey and give emotions by presenting gifts. Your order will be promptly processed and delivered to you or your recipient absolutely on time. Among the large number of denominations, establishments and services, you are sure to choose something in accordance with your budget.
A gift certificate can look different depending on which institution or brand you want to gift. It can be either a physical card (plastic or cardboard certificate), or an electronic certificate, sent as an attachment to a letter by mail or to Viber / Telegram. You can see the details on the page of each certificate in the section "What the certificates will look like".
giftmall gives you the opportunity to choose a gift certificate of a huge number of institutions and services that are top retailers in Ukraine. Don't forget to click on “Show more” under the catalog to see the full list. New services and facilities are added all the time, check back often!
The instructions for using a gift certificate for each partner may be different. Detailed information can always be read on the certificate page of a particular brand.
On the brand page, go to the "Usage Details" and "Terms and Conditions" sections. It contains all the relevant information.
An electronic certificate is a file with a unique code that comes to the recipient, in the form of a letter in the mail, Viber / Telegram or in the form of an SMS to a mobile phone.
With a Personal Account, you will simplify your future shopping experience and gain access to personalized features on our service. If you activate the gift mall card, registration must be completed in order to link your balance to your account. This is for the security of using your certificate. Thus, only you can use the balance. On our site there is auto-registration by mail. If you did not register yourself, the system will do it for you, without any additional actions on your part. After auto-registration, you will receive an email with a password to enter the mail. The password can be changed on the website by clicking the "Forgot password" button.


To purchase a gift certificate, select the brand you like on the site. Specify the type of certificate and submission. Also, select the denomination and quantity. ALWAYS read the rules for using this certificate. Add it to your shopping cart and place your order.
For convenience, use the filter by certificate type - Electronic. Choose the brand you like, add the certificate to the cart and make a purchase.
You can order an unlimited number of certificates, but the amount of one order should not exceed 50,000 hryvnias. Certificates can only be sent to one recipient.
You can add electronic and plastic certificates to the cart, but when paying, the order will be divided by the type of certificates. As a result, you will receive 2 orders: for electronic certificates and physical ones.
You can buy an electronic certificate, if you are outside of Ukraine only for the recipient that is located on the territory of Ukraine.
You can pay for the purchase both in cash upon delivery by Nova Poshta and by non-cash payment using the WayForPay payment system.
You will need to provide the following information: name, email address, phone number, yours and the recipient's.
You can pay for certificates with your payment card through the WayForPay payment system.


There are three ways to deliver certificates: delivery to Nova Poshta branches on your territory of Ukraine, delivery by Nova Poshta courier to the address and delivery of electronic certificate to mail or Viber / Telegram.
The gift certificate can only be sent to a valid address within the Ukraine. As well as electronically on the existing email or mobile phone number.
Sending an electronic certificate is free of charge. You will need to pay only the cost of the certificate.
Yes, it is possible. When placing an order, specify the delivery date you need.
You must enter the correct email address or phone number of the recipient.


First, send the certificate itself, thus, will be able to see what he looks like, and then redirect it to the final recipient.
Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel and refund orders. Please make sure your order is properly processed before confirming it.
We cannot make refunds or refunds. Please check and make sure that your order is placed correctly before payment.
Yes, we can resend the e-certificate to the e-mail address or phone number that is listed in the original order.
Yes, we can resend the e-certificate to the e-mail, phone number that was specified in the original order. But PLEASE NOTE, the certificate is valid for the bearer. That is, if third parties have access to the certificate, they can use it because the certificates are not registered.
Please make sure that the gift card number and barcode — readable and certificate printing, normal. If you still have problems, please contact us via the website.
Payment options may vary by retailer. If the retailer makes it possible to use more than one form of payment, you can pay the remaining amount by using other forms of payment to the institution.
Unfortunately, certificates cannot be replenished. You receive a certificate with a specific accrued amount to be used.
Each distributor has its own policy on lost and / or stolen gift cards. Please contact the institution whose card was stolen and / or lost. But in general, lost and / or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced, restored or blocked. Please treat certificates as cash.
Yes, you can give a gift card to anyone, because the certificate is not registered.
The customer support line is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.


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