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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Gift Mall?
Gift Mall has the largest selection of gift cards and can transmit emotions, presenting gifts. Your order operatively execute and deliver to you or your recipient is absolutely on time. Among a lot of nominal, places and services, you can be sure, that you choose something to suit your budget.
How gift certificate is look like?
Gift certificate can be different, depending on what kind of place you want to give. It can be like a plastic card also like a beautiful paperboard invitation to a particular service. All the details you can see on the page of each brand.
How to buy Gift Mall gift certificate?
To purchase a gift certificate, select the certificate you like, quantity, value and card design itself, add to cart and choose the most convenient method of obtaining delivery and payment. You can also place your order by phone or e-mail.
What shops and services presented on the site Gift Mall?
Gift Mall gives you the opportunity to choose any gift certificate among huge number of places and services which are top retailers in Ukraine. Do not forget to click on "Show more" under the directory, to see the full list. New services and facilities are being added all time, check back often!
What kind of delivery do you have?
The certificate can be picked up from our own office, which is located at 42, Vozdvizhenska street, also you can order a courier delivery in Kiev or "Nova Poshta" in Ukraine.
How to use gift certificate?
Instructions for using may be different in each partner. For detailed information, you can always read at the brand certificate page.
What happens if I lose my gift certificate, or it will be stolen?
Each distributor has its own policy with regard to the lost and / or stolen gift cards. Please contact with representatives of institutions, whose card was stolen and / or lost. But in general, lost or stolen gift cards can not be replaced. Please behave with certificates as with cash.
Can I order a certificate or greeting card to myself?
Yes. Just enter your email address while filling the delivery address.
Who can I contact if I have a problem with my gift certificate?
For all questions please contact Gift Mall by e-mail: or phone listed on the site.
What is your return policy?
Unfortunately, all sales are final, and we are not able to process refunds.
Can I pass a gift card third persons?
You can pass a gift card to anyone.
What kind of payment can I use on
You can pay by cash or by credit card using the payment system LIQPay or Platon
What are the working hours of your customer support line?
The customer service line works Mon-Fri .: 09:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m.
Where can I send gift certificate?
The gift certificate can be sent only to a valid address within Ukraine. Also by electronic way to an existing e-mail or mobile phone.
Where can I see the full terms and descriptions about gift certificates?
Please click the "Terms and Conditions" on brand page.
Do I have to register?
We do not require obligatory registration, however, creating an account, you speed up your future shopping experience and access to personalized features on our service.
What is an e-certificate?
Electronic certificate is essentially the code, that comes to the recipient in the form of a beautiful e-mail or in the form of sms on mobile phone.
How to buy an e-certificate?
It's enough to make an order on the site Go to the section "Electronic certificate", select the brand you like and make a purchase.
Can I buy an electronic certificate, if I'm outside of Ukraine?
You can buy an electronic certificate, if you are outside of Ukraine, only for the recipient which is located on the territory of Ukraine.
What is the cost to send an electronic certificate?
Sending an electronic certificate is free. You will need to pay only the cost of the certificate.
Can I plan for the future delivery date?
Of course, when ordering, specify your delivery date.
How many electronic certificates can be ordered at one time?
You can order an infinite number of certificates, but only one sender separately by SMS and by email.
Can I buy an electronic and plastic certificate in one order?
Yes, it is possible.
What information should I provide in order to purchase an electronic certificate?
You will need to provide the following information: your name, email address, phone number, and your recipient.
Can I see how an electronic certificate will look like when the recipient receives it?
First send the certificate itself, so you will be able to see what it looks like, and then redirect it to the final recipient.
What kind of payment are accepted for the purchase of e-certificate?
You can pay by your credit card through the payment system LIQPay.
What should be done to my email certificate was delivered to my receiver?
You need to enter a valid email address for your recipient.
Do you make returns and refunds?
We can not make refunds and refunds. Please check and make sure that your order is issued right up to the date of your purchase.
Can I cancel my order? can not perform cancellations and refunds. Please, make sure, that your order is properly designed and e-mail address is correct before confirming the order.
If my recipient did not receive an electronic certificate, whether it can be sent again?
Yes, we can send an electronic certificate again to the email address specified in the original order.
If the recipient loses the printout of the electronic certificate, or it was stolen, whether it can be re-sent?
Yes, we can re-send the electronic certificate only to e-mail specified in the original order.
Do I need to activate the electronic certificate?
If you received a corporate certificate Gift Mall, you will not be necessary to activate it online by going to the menu "Certificate Activation ."
What if the code of the electronic certificate is invalid or bar code does not work online places?
Please make sure that the gift card number and barcode - readable and that printed certificate is OK. If you still have problems, please contact us via email on the site.
What if the amount of the purchase larger than the face value of the electronic certificate?
Kind of payment options may vary depending on the vendor. If the retailer allows you to use more than one form of payment, you can pay for the remaining amount for the item with the use of other forms of payment in the institution.
Can I increase the amount of the face value of my gift card on
You can call the institution directly, or in most cases, the website is a form of verification, where you can type in your certificate number and view the available balance. For additional questions regarding the balance of your electronic gift card, contact the institution directly. If you are the recipient firm certificate Gift Mall, please follow the link, click "Check information for a certificate" and follow the instructions.
How do I check the balance of my certificate?
You can call the institution directly, or in most cases on the website is a form of verification, where you can type in your certificate number and see the available balance. Instructions on how to check the balance on your card is available in the above conditions on the electronic certificate. For additional questions regarding the balance of your e-gift card, please contact directly with the establishment. If you are the recipient of a corporate certificate Gift Mall please click here, click "Check for information on the certificate" and follow the instructions.
What is a universal card Gift Mall?
Universal Certificate Gift Mall is the most universal gift certificate on the market, that allows you to include the infinite number of institutions and chains of the recipient of such certificate will need to use to activate it on the site. Activation involves choosing liked places online including chain stores. More details you can find on separate page "Universal certificate."