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EnglishDom is an online English language school with a teacher on a digital platform, one of the leaders of EdTech in Eastern Europe.
We inspire you to learn English through innovative technology, immersion in the language environment and human care. The school combines individual lessons via Skype, a digital textbook, online courses, an online simulator and conversation clubs.
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Terms and conditions
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How to use

To use the electronic certificate "EnglishDom" you must:
1. Go to the site and register - https://www.englishdom.com/home/
2. Sign up for an introductory lesson (in order to sign up for a test lesson, you just need to fill out the "Application for training")
3. Activate the promo code at https://www.englishdom.com/promo/
4. Report in the lesson about the availability of a certificate.
5. The certificate is valid 90 days from the date of purchase.

Terms & Conditions

    How to use EnglishDom certificate

    1. The certificate is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.
    2. When buying a certificate you get:
    3. 10 lessons with a Russian-speaking teacher
    4. +1 month talk club as a gift
    5. +1 month online courses
    6. +1 month premium subscription to EDwords mobile app
    7. The certificate is not subject to return and restoration in case of loss.
    8. The certificate is not exchangeable for cash.


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