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For more than 9 years, the Happy Paw Charitable Foundation has been helping homeless dogs and cats, as well as shelters for them. The Foundation directs most of its activities to the promotion of humane and responsible treatment of animals.

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How to use

In order to make a charitable contribution, you must make the desired amount in the face value of the certificate. After placing your order, you will receive a certificate in the mail, which confirms your contribution to support the shelter. Thank you for helping the animals!

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for helping the animals!

    How to use the Happy Paw certificate

    1. When you buy a Happy Paw certificate, you transfer the amount to the Charitable Foundation for Helping Animals.
    2. This certificate helps to ensure that the animals receive proper nutrition and care.
    3. The certificate cannot be returned and restored in case of loss.
    4. The certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.


2021-07-12 17:02:37
2021-08-31 12:06:00
Я часто пользуюсь универсалками, так как их дарят на работе на праздники. И бывает, что остается баланс – каких-то 10-20 гривен. И вот я нашла на что их можно тратить. А еще на приют Сириус и благотворительный фонд Таблеточки.
2021-10-13 14:29:00
Действительно очень удобно и просто, спасибо за такую возможность сервису


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