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The international chain of sporting goods stores. Founded in 1968, it has captured the markets of Austria, Denmark, France, Belgium and several other European countries. In 2015, cooperation with Epicenter started cooperation in Ukraine.
There are currently 24 stores across Ukraine.
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To use the Vivat physical gift certificate Epicenter, you must select a product for the face value, check with the picking department employee (or at the store’s cash desk) whether this certificate applies to the selected product, after approval, you need to present the Vivat certificate when calculating at the checkout.
To use the “Vivat” electronic gift certificate, “Epicenter” must be printed, also when choosing a product, check with the picking department (or at the cash desk) whether the Vivat certificate is valid for this product and, after approval, present it at the cash desk.

Terms & Conditions

    How to use giftcard "Vivat" by Epicentre

    1. The expiration date of the certificate is indicated on the card.
    2. It is impossible to break the nominal value of the Vivat certificate into several different payments.
    3. Vivat certificate does not apply to goods with discounts, promotional, seasonal offers and goods with special prices.
    4. The Vivat certificate does not apply to alcoholic beverages and goods for which the legislation establishes a VAT rate that differs from 20%.
    5. Vivat certificate actions do not apply to low-margin goods.
    6. A Vivat certificate cannot be used to purchase another physical or electronic certificate, a Deco certificate, or a Vivat electronic certificate.
    7. If the purchase amount exceeds the face value of the Vivat certificate, the difference can be paid in cash or by bank transfer.
    8. The Vivat gift certificate of the Epicenter chain can also be used in the Deko chain of stores.
    9. Certificates can be summarized.
    10. The maximum amount for payment of purchase certificates - 50 000 UAH.
    11. The certificate can only be used in retail stores of the Epicenter network.
    12. The certificate is not subject to return and restoration in case of loss.
    13. The certificate is not exchangeable for cash.

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Харьков 2019-11-18 12:16:44
Ціни непагані, але ассортимент досить бідний, не вдалось використати картку на акційний товар

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