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"Quad Biathlon" is one of the most popular programs for team competitions. Participants of the races will compete in races on tracks of various difficulties and will stop for shooting at firing lines at targets.

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When you purchase this certificate, you will receive a GetDrive network certificate. To use the "GetDrive Center Drive" certificate, you must present it in a printed form or on the phone screen when registering for the selected service. Venue - Kiev region, with. Berezovka, cottage town "New Berezovka". The duration of the service is 30-60 minutes. Number of participants - 2 people. Available from the age of 18.

Terms & Conditions

During the hostilities, the brand suspended its work.

    How to use a GetDrive certificate

    1. The certificate is valid for 6 months.
    2. If the amount of the check exceeds the nominal value of the certificate, it is necessary to pay the difference at the checkout, but if the amount of the check is less than the nominal value, the balance is not returned.
    3. It is impossible to split the denomination of the certificate into several different payments.
    4. The number of certificates for payment is not limited, they can be summed up.
    5. The certificate cannot be returned or restored in case of loss.
    6. The certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.


A gift certificate for quad biathlon is an opportunity to take part in a cool team game on quad bikes. This is not just an active pastime, but a real game, during which you will need to go through a winding track, shoot at targets, use all your tactical skills in order to skillfully overcome all obstacles on the way. Before the start of the game, all participants are divided into two groups, they talk about the rules and what should be done.


Quad biathlon is an opportunity to have fun, try something new, add a little extreme to your life and become part of one big team!

How is quad biathlon going?

The owner of the certificate for quad biathlon must register for the game in advance, after which you need to get to the location at the specified time. Before starting the game itself, everyone will be given a practical and theoretical briefing. Then you will receive protective equipment and will be able to choose a weapon (all this is included in the price of the certificate). After that, the instructor will determine the route and issue an ATV.


Well, after that, all the fun begins - together with other participants you will need to compete and try to win, while showing your speed, agility and accuracy. The game proceeds as follows - having overcome a certain piece of the track with obstacles, you will need to make stops in special places in order to shoot at targets. There is a game on single ATVs.


If earlier you had no experience in driving ATVs, then they will tell you about everything and teach you everything. The main thing is the desire and will to win!

Why choose and how to order quad biathlon on Giftmall?

On the Giftmall website you can find a huge range of active and extreme entertainment, quad biathlon is one of the most popular. The level of your skills and knowledge is not at all important, as the instructors apply an individual approach. Even if you are a beginner, even the most seasoned player can be defeated after a professional briefing!


A gift certificate for quad biathlon is a creative gift that will delight any person who loves extreme sports. Thus, you can try something new, direct all the negative energy in the right direction and reboot.


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