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Paintball on the buggy for the company gift card

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Buggy paintball is a unique combination of two thrills: speed and shooting at moving targets. Together with the team, you can not only compete, but also have fun riding on beautiful off-road views.

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How to use

When you purchase this certificate, you will receive a GetDrive network certificate. To use the "GetDrive Center Drive" certificate, you must present it in a printed form or on the phone screen when registering for the selected service. Venue - Kiev region, with. Berezovka, cottage town "New Berezovka". The duration of the service is 30-60 minutes. Number of participants - 4 people. Available from the age of 18.

Terms & Conditions

During the hostilities, the brand suspended its work.

    How to use a GetDrive certificate

    1. The certificate is valid for 6 months.
    2. If the amount of the check exceeds the nominal value of the certificate, it is necessary to pay the difference at the checkout, but if the amount of the check is less than the nominal value, the balance is not returned.
    3. It is impossible to split the denomination of the certificate into several different payments.
    4. The number of certificates for payment is not limited, they can be summed up.
    5. The certificate cannot be returned or restored in case of loss.
    6. The certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.


Are you a fan of Unreal Tournament or Call of duty? Then they will seem like real childish pranks compared to a real game of paintball. Today it is one of the most popular, interesting and exciting outdoor activities. Paintball on a buggy is an opportunity to have a great time with family, friends or colleagues.


Paintball in the classical sense is an imitation of some kind of military battles, everything takes place on a special site, players use weapons, and instead of bullets they shoot balls with paint. In order to win, you need to show all your tactical skills. There are many options for the development of the scenario - you need to free loved ones from captivity, capture the opponent's flag, take the fortress by storm, etc. To get the maximum of emotions, you need to immerse yourself in the game and get a powerful adrenaline rush.

What is buggy paintball?

Are you looking for an interesting gift for a man? Then you will not find anything better than paintball, because thanks to the paintball certificate he will be able to have a great time with friends or colleagues. Many have heard about the classic paintball and many have played it, but buggy paintball is an improved version of this cool game.


Thanks to the use of buggies, the game becomes faster and more extreme. Watch where your opponents are, quickly follow them and shoot without even thinking! On the buggy, you can quickly move around the site, run away from opponents and catch up with them. If you like classic paintball, then you will get even more fun and drive from this one!

Order paintball on a buggy Kiev

Paintball on a buggy Kiev is a very popular entertainment option, you can order them in just a couple of minutes on Giftmall. The certificate includes:

  • Preparation for the game and instruction.

  • Rent of necessary equipment.

  • Playground.

  • Rest zone.


We do not recommend paintball on a buggy to pregnant women and children under 14 years old. On the site where the game will take place, you can additionally purchase grenades and improved protection.


When ordering such a certificate for a man, it is worth remembering that they are conquerors by nature, so they will certainly like such a gift. This can be a great gift option for male colleagues on a professional holiday. Before using the certificate, you must pre-register for the game. Also, do not forget that the certificate has a period of use, after which it will be unusable.

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