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Unforgettable emotions and sensations will be given by flying in a hot air balloon. Real delight, colorful views, beautiful photographs for memory - this and not only can be obtained by choosing this emotion. Flights are possible all year round.

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When you purchase this certificate, you will receive a GetDrive network certificate. To use the "GetDrive Center Drive" certificate, you must present it in printed form or on the phone screen when registering for the selected service. Venue - Kiev region. The flight duration is 30 minutes. The duration of the program is 3-4 hours.

Terms & Conditions

During the hostilities, the brand suspended its work.

    How to use a GetDrive certificate

    1. The certificate is valid for 6 months.
    2. If the amount of the check exceeds the nominal value of the certificate, it is necessary to pay the difference at the checkout, but if the amount of the check is less than the nominal value, the balance is not returned.
    3. It is impossible to split the denomination of the certificate into several different payments.
    4. The number of certificates for payment is not limited, they can be summed up.
    5. The certificate cannot be returned or restored in case of loss.
    6. The certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.


If there is a holiday ahead and you are looking for something that can truly delight you, then we advise you to give preference to gift-impressions. Thanks to them, a person will be able to receive incredibly cool and vivid emotions, so you can please friends and loved ones, as well as get cool memories of the holiday.


Most admired are those gifts that are related to the recipient's hobbies and interests, however, we do not always give gifts to loved ones, and we may simply not know about their interests. In this case, you can give preference to universal options - a hot air balloon flight in Kiev is just such an impression. Such a present will be appreciated by both a man and a woman, and even a child!


Riding in a hot air balloon is one of the most romantic experiences a person can experience in their life. For many girls, this is a dream, especially if the flight took place with a loved one. Just imagine for a moment - you are going on a mini-journey through the sky among the clouds, everything around seems small and insignificant, while you experience a feeling of complete freedom!

Certificate for a flight in a hot air balloon for a girlfriend

Who can buy a hot air balloon flight? Anyone, seriously, because this is one of the most versatile gifts, it will be appreciated by your boss, mother, soulmate, friend or colleague. Well, who doesn't want to admire the earth from a bird's eye view? You can be sure when choosing a hot air balloon flight experience - you will never go wrong with your choice! The main thing at the same time is to find out only if the addressee has a fear of heights.


Hot air balloon flight in Kiev is an exciting, a little extreme, interesting, beautiful and, of course, a romantic adventure. Most often, such presents are made specifically for girls, because this is an original version of a gift for an anniversary or birthday. Also, many guys choose to fly in a hot air balloon in order to propose to their beloved. Well, who can refuse a marriage proposal in heaven? There's no one running anywhere!


Hot air balloon flight Kiev as a gift option for a man

A certificate for a hot air balloon ride is also great for a man, so if you need to choose a gift for a brother, father, husband or boss, you already have one win-win option. It is best to go on such an air ride with your lover, because in this way you can return romance and even warm up feelings.


Despite the fact that many consider such an impression to be extreme, it is not so, since flying in a balloon is absolutely safe. However, if you decide to ride in a balloon, you will get a storm of emotions and an adrenaline rush, because on such a walk a person has feelings that he has not experienced before. For some, they resemble a parachute jump, and for others, the conquest of a mountain peak. In any case, this is exactly what each of us lacks in our daily life.

Gift-impression - hot air balloon flight

Impressions flying in a hot air balloon will be the most memorable and vivid memory in life. During the flight, you can enjoy the scenery and watch everything from a bird's eye view, and you can't imagine what cool pictures come out here! By the way, you can also fly with a large company, because up to 20 people can fit in one balloon basket.


Presenting such a gift to a person, you first of all give him an unforgettable experience. For many, this is a real childhood dream.


Absolutely all concerns about the organization and conduct of the flight are taken over by the company. All you need is just to arrive at a pre-agreed date and time, go through a short briefing, and then go on one of the most exciting trips of your life! Our country has a majestic nature, and thanks to the balloon you can admire it.


If you decide to buy a balloon for a flight, it is worth remembering that the temperature is always lower at altitude, so it is better to dress warmly. Clothing should be comfortable and shoes should be flat. There are no restrictions, however, it is not recommended for pregnant women to fly.


Happy flying and soft landings!

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