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A ride on an ATV is not only an extreme way to relax and feel the adrenaline rush, but also a great moment to enjoy the beautiful views of the city, have fun with friends, and improve your driving skills.

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When you purchase this certificate, you will receive a GetDrive network certificate. To use the "GetDrive Center Drive" certificate, you must present it in a printed form or on the phone screen when registering for the selected service. Venue - Kiev region, with. Berezovka, cottage town "New Berezovka". The duration of the walk is 60 minutes. Available from the age of 16.

Terms & Conditions

During the hostilities, the brand suspended its work.

    How to use a GetDrive certificate

    1. The certificate is valid for 6 months.
    2. If the amount of the check exceeds the nominal value of the certificate, it is necessary to pay the difference at the checkout, but if the amount of the check is less than the nominal value, the balance is not returned.
    3. It is impossible to split the denomination of the certificate into several different payments.
    4. The number of certificates for payment is not limited, they can be summed up.
    5. The certificate cannot be returned or restored in case of loss.
    6. The certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.


Walking on ATVs is an opportunity to experience completely new emotions and impressions, and now we are talking not only about extreme sports. Riding an ATV cannot be compared to a car or a motorcycle, it is something completely different. During the walk you can enjoy the views. This is an active holiday, a great option to brighten up the weekend. Quad biking as a gift is suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of gender, age and preferences. But most of all it will be appreciated by people who love active entertainment and extreme sports.

Extreme on a quad bike - an unforgettable experience so close!

Quad biking is one of the most popular entertainment options. Due to the fact that an ATV is a rather specific type of transport, riding it cannot be compared with anything. This is something between a full-fledged SUV and a racing motorcycle. If you have never ridden an ATV, then this can be compared to the simultaneous ride on a sports bike and an all-wheel drive jeep.


In use, ATVs are very convenient, so you don’t even need a long driving experience to drive them. The coolest ATV ride is off-road, in the mountains or in the forest. You should remember one rule - the more swamps, the better.


Many people choose quad biking Kiev because of the absence of any restrictions, in just a few seconds you can accelerate and drive over any terrain. Despite the extreme and adrenaline, you should not worry about safety, because before the trip you will receive a full set of protective equipment, and the instructor will teach you how to drive this iron horse.

Extreme quad biking or an unusual off-road ride

A quad bike ride is a real off-road adventure. Thanks to the unrealistic power of ATVs, you can break into a steep hilly terrain or conquer water lines. With an all-wheel drive powerful ATV, there will be no barriers for you!


For cool and unforgettable rides, there are steep tracks where you can test yourself. By the way, the lack of driving experience is not a problem, just a little instruction and you can learn how to drive perfectly.

Order an ATV for two or a company

A trip on an ATV as a gift is a great gift option for a couple or a large company. It will be a win-win option if:

  1. The person loves active entertainment.

  2. The hero of the occasion is always ready to try something new.

  3. You want to surprise your loved one and give him vivid emotions.

  4. You want to have an unforgettable time with your significant other.

  5. Do you want to have fun and drive in the company of close friends.

  6. You yourself want to experience new emotions and learn how to drive an ATV.


In any case, a quad bike ride is a win-win option that will give you new emotions and memories. Everyone will love this experience!


In order to order a certificate for ATV riding, you need to add it to the basket and place an order. If you are interested in how exactly the experience will go, you can go to the partner's website and review the videos and photos there. Also be sure to read the information, read the rules and restrictions.

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