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Sushiya is the largest and fastest growing chain of Japanese cuisine restaurants, bringing together 37 restaurants in 12 cities of Ukraine. The main priority is to offer guests delicious, fresh and healthy meals. Our own system of logistics and direct import of the main products allows to receive products of the highest quality and to keep democratic prices.
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To use the electronic certificate in the restaurant, you must give the waiter a printed certificate or barcode number when calculating.
To use the electronic certificate when making delivery, you must dictate the barcode number to the operator until payment.
The maximum number of certificates that can be used in the calculation is 5 pcs.

Terms & Conditions

    How to use Sushiya certificate

    1. The certificate expiration date is indicated on the card.
    2. It is impossible to break the face value of the certificate into several different payments.
    3. The certificate applies to all menus in the restaurants of the network, as well as to delivery.
    4. The maximum number of certificates that can be used in the calculation is 5 pcs.
    5. The certificate is not subject to return and restoration in case of loss.
    6. The certificate is not exchangeable for cash.


Одесса 2019-11-18 12:18:48
Очень удобно, вот только не круто что сертификат надо печатать и искать принтцентр !!!
2020-03-31 23:33:08
В карантин как никогда актуально) Спасибо друзьям за подарок!
Киев 2020-05-14 10:36:04
Спасибо гифтмолу за суши, обналичил сертификат и без проблем доплатил сверху нужную сумму по чеку. Лайк!


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