Certificate in SPA.


SPA procedures today are very in demand. After all, they have a beneficial effect not only on the state of the skin, it is helped to solve individual cosmetic problems, but also to improve the body as a whole. Our site will tell about the most sought-after spa procedures.


Approach in spa salon in Kiev


Many would like to cool their leisure, so that you can relax not only the soul, but also the body. If it is difficult to submit such a place, then we will gladly tell you. SPA Salon in this case is the best solution.


Why hike in spa salon cool gift?


It seems that people forget to delight themselves, often postpone the opportunity to relax. In this case, the SPA certificate is best suited. In addition, there is a large selection of original and exotic procedures.


SPA capsule


One of the popular spa procedures today is a SPA capsule. Due to the fact that it combines different physiotherapy components, it allows you to conduct several spa procedures. We are talking about aromatherapy, wrapping, relax programs, peeling, anti-cellulite programs, etc.


Correctly selected spa programs help ultimately already for one or two sessions to solve problems with overweight, improve the condition of the skin, save it from toxins and slags, and therefore make it more well-groomed and young.




The main other spa program - wineherapy - make up the oil of grape bones, ripe grapes, and more wine yeast. SPA procedure passes in a special barrel or bath. Wine concentrate paints water into a pleasant and rich color.


Why exactly this procedure is among the best? It is considered - and this has already been proven - wineheasses are very useful for rejuvenation, weight loss and relaxation. But her own "highlight" is that this procedure is fighting with an "orange crust." The fact is that the ingredients used stimulate the metabolism, improve the tone of the vessels. And after such procedures, the skin is not afraid of ultraviolet rays.


Chocolate wrapping


Want to be a delicious candy? Then hurry to chocolate wrap - another very popular spa procedure. It attracts primarily "filling", which is used during the spa procedure, is chocolate. Moreover, it is not just a balobiness, but a good useful and effective spa procedure.


What is her secret? All its power in cocoa beans that contain polyphenols. And they are the strongest antioxidants. And also cocoa butter, which ensures the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. In addition, chocolate therapy also focusing!




Deleting dead cells is simply necessary for skin regeneration. This feature is performed by peeling. Piling is especially in demand with essential oils, coffee, citrus extracts, seaweed, sea salt and even fish.


Such a procedure that makes skin as a result of velvety and elastic, usually prescribed in a complex with other spa procedures, such as massage, wrapping. This is very useful, because after cleansing the skin absorbs useful components better.




Healing algae, sea salt, ocean water and other marine components are used with another popular procedure - thalassotherapy. It allows you to remove toxins and slags, clean your body, and noticeably improve the condition of the skin - it will be smooth and silky.


It is important that thalassotherapy helps to restore the mental state of the body. In other words, get rid of insomnia, apathy, stress.


Ozone therapy


This procedure uses ozone, it affects problem areas of both the face and the whole body. As a result of this impact, the metabolism is improved, the hormonal background is restored. Such a procedure helps to reduce the fat layer, and even improve blood circulation. Especially such a procedure is useful for general intoxication of the body.




There are several types of massages and everyone is useful in its own way. But they all have general recommendations. This is an improvement in blood circulation, a positive impact on muscle tissue, strengthening immunity. Popular Stoundarya - Massage Stones, using aromatic oils, anti-cellulite, etc.



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