If your loved one is a designer, then you probably faced difficulties when choosing a gift for representatives of this creative and unusual profession. Even a gift for an interior or clothing designer is difficult to find, not to mention such new trends as graphic designers, web designers and

digital artists. How to choose original gifts for a designer if he has a creative and non-standard activity, especially if you are not very familiar with it? Giftmall seems to have several options.

A gift for a web designer: what to consider?

One of the most common modern design trends is web design, that is, the design of pages and sites. The work of web designers from the outside may seem too complicated and incomprehensible, but, in fact, choosing a gift for a web designer is quite simple. It is enough to consider that:

  • they need a powerful PC to work - graphic editors and other software are demanding on the power of a computer, so productive work is impossible without a high-quality and modern PC. Present a certificate to an electronics store so that your web designer can choose the right computer or accessories for him.
  • the workplace is extremely important - web designers spend most of the day at their workplace. The comfort and arrangement of the work area is extremely important for such activities, so a certificate to a home decor store or even furniture may be appropriate for a person to make their workplace ideal for themselves.
  • you need to constantly learn and develop - that is why the best gift for a young designer is a certificate for a course or a master class on work from well-known industry professionals. We are working to ensure that the selection of courses in the Giftmall catalog only expands.

In addition, do not forget that the specifics of the work of a web designer provides for a constant sitting position and relatively little activity, therefore, if a person is concerned about his health or is fond of any kind of sport, you can donate certificates to the gym, dance lessons and other entertainment that will contrast for calm, focused work.

A gift for a graphic designer: features of choice

The second popular area of ​​work is graphic designers. They are the ones who make the visual content that we find on various sites and social networks - from illustrations to e-books to company logos. When choosing gifts for designers, it is worth remembering that:

  • their work requires special gadgets - special tablets, pens and other work gadgets - the best gifts for a graphic designer. Let him choose them himself by donating a certificate to an electronics store in your city.
  • they constantly need to develop - that is, again, courses and lessons on working with graphic editors, mastering new techniques, etc. are relevant.
  • the profession is strongly associated with traditional art - graphic designers are often inspired by pictures or other works of art. Let them visit galleries or interesting creative events in your city

In addition, as in the case of web designers, the quality of the workplace is important, therefore, such a gift for a graphic designer as a certificate for a home accessories store, electronics or even gardening (for lovers of living plants) always remains relevant, adjusted for a person's specific hobbies.

How to buy a gift for a designer with delivery

Have our tips helped you find the perfect designer gift right on this page? Giftmall features hundreds of gift certificates that will be appreciated by representatives of this new and creative profession. To receive the selected gift you just need:

  • add a gift certificate to the cart;
  • place an order, indicating the specifics of delivery and payment;
  • choose additional services, if required (delivery directly to the birthday person, additional packaging of the certificate).

We remind you that a gift to a designer in the form of a certificate from Giftmall can be used for six months from the moment of activation. Usually, the certificate is activated at the time of purchase, unless otherwise indicated in the description. More vivid impressions and freedom of choice with Giftmall!

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