What could be better, more pleasant and noble to bring joy to children for weeks? So also the gifts they dream of. Choosing gifts for children is always much more difficult than for adults, because they are waiting for the holiday as some kind of miracle and fairy tale. It is always necessary to present gifts for children sincerely and with a pure soul, since children feel absolutely everything. There is an opinion that it is not worth choosing gifts for babies for a long time and carefully, since they are fond of them for no more than a week. This is far from the case, if you can pick up what the child has dreamed of for a long time, then you can be sure that he will be incredibly happy.


Children are looking forward to the New Year and Birthday very much, they want a holiday, a fairy tale and gifts. Before ordering gifts for children, you need to make sure that they are awesome and expected. Gift certificates to children's stores or entertainment will be a win-win solution.

How to choose gifts for children in Ukraine?

First of all, I would like to note that absolutely all children deserve gifts, regardless of their behavior and success at school. Children perceive the holiday in a completely different way, psychologists say that for most kids, the New Year is a more serious and important holiday than a birthday. Therefore, make sure that your child has a cool gift, create a holiday and a fabulous atmosphere for him.


In order to choose the perfect gift for your child, you need the following:

  • Find out what the kid himself wants and what he dreams of

Finding a contact and finding out what children want is much easier than looking for a gift for adults. Just ask the kid to write a letter to Santa Claus, so you will find out what he wants. Or go with him to the store - there he will definitely show what he is missing.

  • Consider the age and gender of the child

Children's gifts for girls and boys are very different. And age also plays an important role, for example, a seventh grader is unlikely to be pleased and surprised by a constructor.

  • Do not forget about the interests of the child

Watch him what he likes to do, watch what he enjoys. Any kid will be pleased to receive a gift related to his hobby.

  • Character of the child

It is very important to take into account the temperament of the baby, for example, rollers or a skateboard are perfect for active ones, but for calm ones, you can choose a book or constructors.

In addition, before buying a children's gift, you should definitely pay attention to its quality. The things that you give to children must be safe.

Unusual gifts for children

When choosing a gift for a child, you do not need to choose the first thing that comes across. Also, we do not recommend giving what he has already received. No one knows better than parents what to give their children and what they will be delighted with. In particular, we advise you not to present the following gifts to babies:

  • School bag.
  • Shoes or clothing.
  • Textbooks and stationery.
  • Things for the home.


You can give all of the above only if the child himself asked for it. But even in such situations, it is better to replace a material gift with a gift certificate in order to provide the child with the opportunity to independently choose the thing he likes. It is also better to supplement the certificate for a useful and practical thing with something more exciting and interesting at the appropriate age - certificates for ATV riding, shooting, horse riding or paintball. Your child probably has many hobbies that can be turned into a gift idea!

Order gifts for children of different ages

Children are incredible creatures, they are very sincere and sociable, until the moment your child goes to school, he will tell his parents absolutely everything, including his desires. But it will be more difficult to buy a gift for teenage children, since they do not prefer to share their thoughts and dreams.


In order to find out what to buy for children as a gift, you need to use a little trick. First of all, you can just watch him, pay attention to what preferences he has, what he enjoys, how he communicates with friends and classmates, what they are talking about. It also does not hurt to check his phone or computer, but only for good purposes. You cannot read correspondence and personal information, just look at the history of the browser and the games it plays. You can watch cartoons or films with your children, so you can understand which characters appeal to your child. If ideas for gifts do not appear, you can present a gift certificate from Giftmall, this is a universal gift.


If you don’t want to talk to your child directly, you can ask his friends or other family members. Find out what he most often talks about, what he admires and what he talks about. Very often we can not notice the obvious things, so we cannot do without the help of relatives and friends.


If you went to the store with your child, look at which toys he is interested in, which shelves he is most suitable for. Also, his interests and desires can betray non-verbal movements. It may seem that all this is a little complicated, but in order to buy gifts for children in Ukraine, you need to try a little.

How to buy a children's gift and arrange a party

It is very easy to please children, just a joint pastime or vivid impressions can cause them joy and happiness, in order to bring this to life - you can order a gift certificate for Giftmall for various entertainments:

  • Racing;
  • Karting;
  • Shooting;
  • Buggy ride.

Gifts for children in Ukraine are not always material things, they can be taken to the zoo or on the merry-go-round, to arrange an incredible children's party. The main thing is that in this everyone there are family and friends next to the child.


Regardless of what kind of gift you choose, the holiday must be treated with respect. Be sure to pack the present, and also sign the postcard, children keep such little things, and it will be very pleasant to review such things in adulthood. The main thing is the emotions that your child will experience and the attention that you will give him. Giftmall gift certificates are completely ready-made presentations, here you can buy a gift card for shopping, services or entertainment. Such an unusual gift will definitely please your children!


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