Gift teacher on March 8


To congratulate the teacher or educators with the International Women's Day, as well as other women. Not benefits for the sake, but to express respect and appreciation for attention to children, for patience, love for students and pupils, for strong nerves and extract.


What can I give to the teacher on March 8


There is an opinion that the attitude of the teacher to the child will depend on the gift for him. For this reason, parents are crying every year in search of the best, expensive, exclusive present. We hurry to warn - not everyone is so selfish, but too expensive a gift may have a reverse effect.


The teacher is a person, as is the official, do not confuse its expensive things, envelopes and other signs of attention, threatening unpleasant proceedings. Make gifts deliberately and reasonable: not too expensive, useful, necessary, original. Such for who really want to thank.


Giving a gift certificate to the teacher


The question is solved in several planes, and first of all - whether a gift will be individual for March 8 individual, personally from you, or collective - from class or group. Although, to be honest, it can only affect the overall nominal value of the gift certificate. Otherwise, it should be practical and neutral:


 An impersonal classic is considered to be template shopping and home stores. Such a sign of attention The teacher will gladly exchange for a new plaid, a bathrobe, a set of decorative pillows. The hostess always need new "things" for the house.

 Always relevant dishes. Gift certificate for the purchase of kitchen utensils is a good option, especially for a married, family lady.

 There will be no extra cards of the cosmetics and perfumery store. Refusal to yourself the pleasure of buying an interesting novelty will not be able to anyone.

 Teacher gives our children knowledge. Give her a card supermarket card! Suddenly it will come in handy for work? If not, then buy a new book for the soul without money is particularly nice.


March 8 - holiday of all women! Do not forget about it, going to school on the eve of the International Women's Day. After all, according to statistics - more than 80% of teachers - women.


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