Gift girlfriend on March 8


For many years of your friendship, or did you meet recently, but managed to accumulate to each other? Do children learn together or do you work in one department? Have you introduced my husbands or did you meet in the Aerobics section? It does not matter how the acquaintance was held, the main thing - that you got close to and found a lot of reasons to be called girlfriends.


How to congratulate a friend from March 8, you know for sure, because you do it every year. Pleasant little things, cheap decorations, budget cosmetics. And even it is all worth now a lot of money. It is time to break the vicious circle of meaningless spending and try a new type of useful and effective congratulations - certificates.


Choosing a gift to my friend


Not important gift, but attention? No one argues. But let the attention be rational, and the gift is useful. After all, you probably did not think how many cosmetic pencils from you were gathered at a friend in cosmeticichka for all the years of your friendship?


A gift for a friend on March 8 can and should be a good tradition. For this chosen gift certificates:


 They are valid for a long time, and therefore, you can use them at any convenient moment;

 They have a different nominal value: its choice depends on the degree of your proximity and your budget;

 They are diverse so much that they will help both beauty and read the book.


Remember: What is all your surprises what caused sincere and genuine emotions? Try this time to give a certificate from this area - and you will see a storm of emotions stronger and sincere several times.


 Do not give a pencil, lipstick, cream. Give the certificate. The girlfriend is exactly accustomed to a certain brand, here for this she will use your gift.

 If you are friendly with the intellectual, it is very useful to a bookstore certificate. It is cheaper than buying books to buy, and helps to get a rare edition.

 Instead of another trinkets, present a gift to the accessory store as a gift. It is more reliable, and more useful. Maybe instead of a hundred first boass, this year, a friend will need a fashionable belt to new jeans or wallet, or sunglasses.


Many consider certificates of dismixed, devoid of emotionality. It's not at all! This is the respect of freedom of choice, this is attention to interests, it is an opportunity to constantly look for new original ways of congratulations.


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