Gift to chief for the new year


Choosing a gift for the boss is a difficult task. It is necessary for a status, impressive and at the same time a useful present, and not another beautiful belligence, which are usually clogged by the shelves of the cabinets of senior managers. How to choose a New Year's gift to the chief and not mistaken? How to strengthen relationships, not fall into disfavor? What to surprise the chief who has everything and more? Salvation and response to these questions will be gift certificates from Giftmall!


What to choose as a gift to a man to the head for the new year?


A good gift requires an impressive amount. What to do, if there is no one? Give money. That's just this is not quite appropriate for the head. Especially such a gift is irrelevant for the new year. Output one and it is simple, as well as ingenious is a gift certificate. A certain amount of money is presented to the recipient, but under the guise of a festively packed present, which implies cashing in the goods in a particular store or representation of a popular trademark.


Place Market Giftmall draws the attention of employees and subordinates to the original New Year's gifts to a man to the boss, presented in a large assortment and various price categories. These are certificates of popular trading networks of Ukraine and brands. Each of them opens the doors to the selected store, where the owner of the present has the right to purchase goods worth a certificate nominal. If the selected gift costs more, the problem is solved by an additional difference made by the "document" bearer.


As you can see, the gift of the boss for the new year can be unique and at the same time universal, inexpensive and memorable, but most importantly - 100% relevant demands of the owner. The latter will choose him independently, focusing on his desires and needs. Is it not happiness? It is! Satisfied both sides, both the effect and the result.


Are you still looking for the perfect present for the boss? It's time to shift this task on his strong shoulders. Do not know which certificate to choose? Order a universal option. Acts in any of the presented stores, expanding the geography of the choice of the perfect present. Minimum restrictions give the maximum result in the form of 100% pleasure. Limit the boss only with a par. The latter directly depends on the possibilities of employees, and they are from the chief himself. Give deserved gifts!


Frequently asked questions about the giftmall catalogue

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