Easter is one of the brightest and most important days for many of your friends and acquaintances. This holiday unites relatives, and sometimes unfamiliar people, eliminates resentments and misunderstandings and can become a break from the work routine. An Easter gift can make this day even more special and memorable, although it is quite difficult to find the right gift. To save you time and effort Giftmall has prepared unusual Easter gift ideas for loved ones, friends and employees.

Easter gift for family and friends

Since there is no tradition in Ukraine to give gifts for Easter, those who decided to do this face a problem - what gift to make for Easter so that it is appropriate and at the same time takes into account the interests of a loved one? The best solution might be:

  • a certificate to an alcoholic store is a great option for a gift to close friends, especially if they adhered to restrictions during the fast;
  • family dinner in a restaurant - Easter is the best reason for gathering the whole family, why not spend time together in your favorite restaurant, having a pleasant conversation and a delicious dinner?
  • rest with a company of friends - a trip to a suburban complex or spa will help to escape from routine and pleasantly celebrate a holiday in the company of friends.
  • mini trip - an extra weekend at Easter is a great opportunity for a short trip or weekend in the mountains or other scenic spot.

Of course, unusual gifts for Easter are not limited to this list. You can also go to a painting workshop with the whole family or pick up traditional clothes for going to church. It all depends on the traditions of your family and the interests of your acquaintances.

Corporate gifts for Easter

Choosing a gift for employees and the work team is always a difficult task, which becomes more difficult in proportion to the increase in the number of employees. Corporate gifts for Easter are more neutral and generally focused on entertainment, since it is almost impossible to guess the preferences of all employees. The most popular options are:

  • Universal Certificate is an exclusive offer from Giftmall that allows your employees to choose the appropriate certificate for the amount you specify. There are no restrictions.
  • team entertainment - gifts for Easter in the form of certificates for joint quests or games can not only brighten up the weekend, but also strengthen the team spirit of the company.
  • a certificate for a store - it can be a souvenir shop, national clothes, or even an ordinary supermarket. Such a certificate will help your colleagues prepare for Easter and will definitely be useful.
  • going to the cinema or to a master class - entertainment that will appeal to most of your employees. The main thing is to choose the right cinema or studio with lessons, which is focused on a wide range of interests.

If you have a small team and you know all the employees closely, then you can order more original gifts for Easter, focused on specific hobbies and interests of a person. The main thing is to pay due attention to those people with whom you work every day.

Easter gifts: buy at Giftmall

On this page, we have collected the most suitable and unusual Easter gifts for various people. To speed up the search process, you can also use the filters, but if you have already picked up gifts for Easter, you can buy them in just a few minutes. It is enough only:

  • add a certificate to the cart;
  • place an order by filling out the form (it will take no more than 3 minutes);
  • pay for the purchase and pick up the certificate at the specified address.

At the same time, you can choose gifts for Easter in Kiev or any other city of Ukraine, regardless of your place of residence - Giftmall will deliver them directly to the supplied person, and, if necessary, will pre-select the thematic packaging. Make this bright day even brighter with a Giftmall gift certificate!

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