Well, what a wonderful New Year's bustle after all. Decorate the house with the whole family, plan January holidays, compose a menu for the New Year, look for the most beautiful Christmas tree, get toys from the upper shelves. And also this is the time when we are all racking our brains a little over what to give to relatives and friends.

Secret Santa gifts: what are they?

Before looking for interesting gifts for Secret Santa, you need to figure out what it is all about. It's a very kind and cool gift-sharing tradition. It is used everywhere - in offices, schools, universities. The essence of such a tradition lies in its name - no one knows who will give him a gift. Participants of such an experience will only know the name of the person to whom they should give the present. Agree, it is much easier to find a gift for a colleague for Secret Santa than to look for gifts for the whole team.


However, sometimes it may be that you are not too familiar with the person who needs to make a gift, you may not know about his preferences, interests and hobbies, and in this case, the search for a gift will be just one headache. In this case, a gift for Secret Santa may be general, but no matter what situation you find yourself in, you can choose gifts for any person on Giftmall.

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Often, gifts for Secret Santa are not problematic, since the participants agree to leave their “Santas” hints-notes with what exactly they can be pleased with, what they love and what they want. But if you do not have such a rule and you do not have the slightest idea what exactly your ward wants, then in this case you need to think carefully about what could be an ideal present for him.


The main thing in choosing a gift is to choose such gifts that you would be happy with. Also, do not forget about the beautiful packaging. "Secret Santa" is not about expensive and valuable gifts, but about the feeling of joy, fun and fairy tales. Ward people can be anyone, so we offer you win-win gift ideas for Secret Santa:

  1. Bookstore certificate

Almost everyone loves to read (or at least buy books). It is unlikely that you will be able to guess what a person has already read or what books he already has, but with the help of a certificate he will be able to choose what he wanted for a long time.

  1. Movie ticket certificates

Who wouldn't go to the movies on a Friday night or weekend for a great movie? Again, it is extremely difficult to guess with tickets, so also a person will need to adjust all his plans in order to be in time for a show, and with the help of a certificate he will be able to visit the cinema at any time convenient for him and go to any film.

  1. Shopping certificates

Beautiful clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, household goods - we buy all this on a regular basis. If you know that your ward loves to go shopping, then select from the assortment of the site those companies and brands that appeal to him the most and make such an unusual present.

  1. Pharmacy certificates

At first glance, it may seem that this is a bit of a strange present, but very important. It is a practical and useful gift that can be used to demonstrate that you care for the person.

  1. Experience certificates

We all lack vivid emotions and something new. A hot air balloon flight, a drawing workshop or an ATV ride - there is plenty to choose from and your ward will definitely be pleasantly surprised!

Buy original gifts for Secret Santa online in Ukraine

If you need truly original gifts for Secret Santa, but so that they are practical and useful, then you will not find anything better than gift certificates! To choose the best gift for Secret Santa, you need to familiarize yourself with the range of the site and make sure that the present you have chosen will definitely suit the ward.


If you realized too late, then you can choose the electronic version of the certificate, it can be purchased in just a few minutes. The denomination of any certificate is determined by you, so no matter what the agreed gift amount was, you can still make a cool surprise. Do not forget that "Secret Santa" is primarily about magic and emotions, and it is so easy to give them with Giftmol!

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