From the very birth we are surrounded by family and friends who take care of us, give us love and attention. One of the main people throughout life is the grandmother, since we keep in touch with her from early childhood. She always gave us the coolest gifts, baked delicious pies and shielded us in front of our parents. At an older age, we came to her for advice and just to visit, because she always smells cozy and delicious.


And now it's time for us to please our loved ones, but few people know what to give grandmother for her birthday. She does not tell about her desires, and even at this age, people already practically do not need anything. Plus, the age difference is strongly felt. However, it is worth ordering a gift for a grandmother in order to thank her for her love, tenderness, attention and care. And we will tell you how! Grandmothers grew up at a time when useful and practical gifts were much appreciated, so she will love gift certificates from Giftmall!

What to give a grandmother for her birthday: TOP-3 categories of gifts

First of all, when choosing gifts for your grandmother, pay attention to her interests, hobbies and hobbies. We offer you the categories of gifts that will definitely come in handy and like your grandmother:

  1. Certificate for a craft store or DIY-shop

In old age, there is a lot of free time, so grandmothers often do needlework. If you are not good at this, then it will be difficult to choose the right gifts for your grandmother. In order not to miscalculate with the choice, make sure that the grandmother herself chooses what she needs - for this, gift certificates from Giftmall are needed!

  1. Certificate for goods for home or garden

Most seniors live in private homes or have a summer cottage, so gifts for grandmothers can be practical or useful. You can give the opportunity to equip a garden or choose a set of gardening tools yourself. Gift certificates to shops for the garden, home and garden will come in handy more than ever.

  1. Certificate for products for the kitchen or cooking

Tastier than a grandmother's, don't you agree? And in order to further delight you with the incredible wonders of the kitchen, you can give her a certificate to the store with kitchen utensils, pastry tools, or even a master class on cooking exotic cuisine. There are such certificates on Giftmall!

Where to get ideas for a gift for a grandmother

Before buying a gift for your grandmother, you need to understand that in old age it is extremely important for people that the gifts are as practical and useful as possible. They do not need unnecessary trinkets and souvenirs, because the sideboard is already full of them. When choosing a birthday present for your grandmother, think about how you can express your concern with the help of a present. We offer you the most win-win gift certificates:

  • for home textiles and decor items;
  • to a clothing store;
  • to an electronics and household appliances store;
  • to a pharmacy or private clinic;
  • to a flower or gardening shop.


Thinking about what gift to give your grandmother, be prepared for the fact that your grandmother will dissuade you from presenting in every possible way and say that she does not need anything and she has everything. In order to really find out what the grandmother needs and what she will be happy about, it is necessary to spend as much time with her as possible, to talk. Then you don't have to pry her for gift ideas.


The main thing when choosing gifts is to build on the grandmother's state of health and interests. There are active and young grandmothers who will gladly accept tourism accessories or even a new bike as a gift. But at the same time, there are those grannies who get tired of ordinary things. Temperament also plays a very important role when choosing a gift, do not forget about it. In any case, no matter what character and interests your grandmother has, you can find a gift certificate for her on Giftmall!

How to buy a gift for your grandmother and not disappoint her?

Buying a gift for your grandmother is not an easy task, we agree. The main mistake in this case is to give preference to what you like and give things that she does not use. Many grannies are very superstitious and believe in all sorts of omens, if your grandmother is like that too, then it is better to take this into account when choosing a gift.


It should also be borne in mind that at this age, most people have already formed tastes and preferences, so your gift will either like it or go straight to the shelf to collect dust. To avoid unpleasant situations, Giftmall offers an extensive selection of gift certificates that will allow your grandmother to choose the right thing on her own, but, unlike money in an envelope, will show your attention to her interests.


To buy a certificate for entertainment or shopping on Giftmall, you just need to select the city of residence of your grandmother, go to the desired category and select a certificate with the set of services, goods or entertainment you like. You can order the delivery of a gift certificate to your grandmother, even if you live in another city and there is no way to personally congratulate her. In this case, Giftmall specialists will immediately pack the gift and send it to the correct address. Don't miss any important events with Giftmall!


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