Winter is a time of rest, family holidays and gifts. The first and one of the most important winter holidays is St. Nicholas Day. For many, especially for children, it means more than the New Year, as it is associated with the warmest emotions, winter magic and long-awaited gifts. Gifts for St. Nicholas Day can be separated into a separate category, since they are supposed to make a special impression. Giftmall will tell you how to pick up original gifts for St. Nicholas Day and do it without running around the mall.

How to choose a gift for St. Nicholas Day

When choosing gifts for this special holiday, you should spend a little more time searching to take into account the interests of all relatives and friends. Here are some simple tips from Giftmall that will help you choose really good gifts for Mikolaj:

  • do not get hung up on the sum - St. Nicholas Day is one of those holidays when meaning, symbolism and warm emotions are more important in a gift, rather than cost. Therefore, less thoughts about the amount and more about a loved one, especially since with Giftmall you can pick up a good gift even with a limited budget - just look at our catalog
  • think about what your loved ones lack - your relatives probably have desires, even small ones, that they have not been able to fulfill for a long time. Someone has long wanted to escape the city for a few days, for someone a simple thing that he cannot afford to buy would be enough, but someone simply lacks communication in a large family circle.
  • experiment - if you know that the recipient of the gift is always open to new experiences, make a real surprise and give something with a “wow effect”. Jeep ride in winter, why not? Or maybe you should look at more extreme entertainment?

And so that you don’t waste time looking through hundreds of certificates on our website, we have developed a system of convenient filters that will quickly help you choose original gifts for St. Nicholas Day for each family member or loved one. Just navigate to the directory and specify the desired certificate options.

What to order for St. Nicholas for family and friends

To pick up a gift for St. Nicholas Day, you need to start looking somewhere, so Giftmall has identified the most popular categories of certificates that will be appropriate for this magical holiday:

  • spending time together - festive dinners or a cool photo shoot strengthen family relationships and immerse you even more in the holiday atmosphere. The certificate can be designed for a whole family or just two people, if you want to spend this holiday in the circle of someone especially close.
  • winter entertainment - snow ride on quad bikes, hot air ballooning. Winter creates a plethora of opportunities for new entertainment experiences that are only available at this time of the year. A fairy tale or extreme - it all depends on the wishes of your loved ones.
  • shopping in a decor store - if you don’t know what to order for St. Nicholas, then this is a win-win option, because everyone will decorate the house and decorate the Christmas tree on the eve of the holidays, and a certificate to the home decor store will allow you to update your jewelry collection. It is possible that certain decor items or New Year's toys will be associated with your gift and warm wishes.
  • photo session - what will help to capture pleasant emotions better than a thematic photo shoot in a professional studio? It can be either a certificate for a family photo session or a personal gift to a dear person.

Of course, you should not be limited to the listed options. You know your relatives and friends better and you will surely be able to choose a present that matches their interests and hobbies and or surprise them with something unusual and make a real holiday surprise.

How to buy gifts for St. Nicholas Day in 2 minutes

Have you already picked something? To buy a gift for the whole family on St. Nicholas Day, a couple of minutes and a few simple steps will be enough. When you find a suitable certificate in our catalog, simply:

  1. add it to cart;
  2. select certificate options;
  3. specify the method of delivery and payment;
  4. pay for the purchase upon receipt or immediately on the site.

At checkout, you can also order holiday wrapping to add a little more winter magic to your gift.

It remains to pick up the ordered gifts from the courier or at the post office and hand them to loved ones. By the way, if necessary, Giftmall will deliver the certificate to any specified address, even if the addressee lives in another city and you do not have the opportunity to present the gift in person.

We wish you a pleasant experience and remind you that the certificate must be activated before use!

Frequently asked questions about the giftmall catalogue

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Our website catalog offers a variety of gift certificates that are very popular among our customers. Here are some examples of popular St. Nicholas Day Gift categories:

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