All parents approach the choice of a gift for children as seriously and responsibly as possible, and if the little ones can just buy a doll or a new Lego set, then what to do with teenagers is not entirely clear. Most often, parents and teenage children have different tastes and outlooks on life, so it is extremely difficult to choose a birthday present for a teenager. But only until the moment you go to the Giftmall catalog, here you can choose presents for absolutely everyone and for any amount.

 An interesting gift for a teenager: tips for choosing

When choosing a gift for a teenager, parents or relatives always have difficulties. To choose a suitable present, it is worth taking into account the following tips:

  • Always listen to what the child is talking about.

If a teenager already knows what gift he wants, then he will definitely hint about it in every possible way or even speak directly. In this case, the main thing is to listen to the conversations and, consider, the original gift for the teenager is already in your pocket!

  • Consider age

Difficulties in choosing a gift arise due to the fact that a teenager seems to be somewhere in the middle between a child and an adult. However, you should definitely give gifts by age.

  • Be original

Yes, it can be extremely difficult to buy a gift for a teenager, but this is not at all a reason to give preference to banal and hackneyed gifts. Arrange for him a real surprise that will surprise him! He hardly expects to receive a gift certificate from you to some cool store!


A Giftmall certificate can combine all of the above features in one gift. You can choose a certificate not only taking into account all the characteristics and wishes of a teenager, but also keep him the right to choose the thing or pastime that is interesting to him.

The best gift for a teenager girl

Choosing a gift for a teenager girl is quite a difficult matter, ideally, if you know what she loves and what she, on the contrary, does not like. It is no longer appropriate to give toys at this age, and books can remind of school. We offer you the TOP of the best gifts for girls when you don't know what to give:

  1. Makeup kit

It is in adolescence that girls begin to get acquainted with decorative cosmetics. But we advise you to donate either care cosmetics or a certificate to a cosmetics store, where the young lady herself will be able to choose what she needs.

  1. Shopping

Parents often choose gifts for their teenagers, such as clothing, accessories, or jewelry. But don't forget that your child's tastes and yours can be very different. To prevent things from gathering dust in the closet or on a shelf in the child's room, let him choose what he likes on his own. Giftmall certificates not only leave freedom of choice, but also allow the teenager to set some price limits and instill in him a sense of responsibility for the choice made.

  1. Perfume

As mentioned earlier, in adolescence, girls begin to worry a lot about their appearance, and a pleasant aroma is the final touch of any image. And again, Giftmall will help you out if you don’t know what to choose, and will offer a certificate to the perfume store.

Inexpensive gifts for teenagers boys

If girls sometimes can talk about what they dream about and what they want to get, then with the guys the situation is completely different. But so that gifts for teenage boys do not become an unsolved problem for you, we offer you 3 win-win and budget options for gifts:

  1. T-shirt with cool print

You can depict anything on a T-shirt today - a cool inscription that symbolizes something for a boy, a favorite musical group or a movie hero. Firstly, it is a practical gift, and secondly, a memorable one. In addition, Giftmall presents certificates from many services that provide services for the individualization of clothes or accessories.

  1. Gadgets

It doesn't matter if these are computer accessories, new headphones, or even a phone. Just present a certificate for a certain amount to an electronics store - a teenager will surely appreciate this step.

  1. Subscription

Do you know about your son's hobbies and interests? Present a certificate to his favorite section or hall, or a certificate for master classes related to his interests. This is not only a pleasant but also a useful gift.


Buy a gift for a teenager: universal and inexpensive

On the Giftmall website, you can buy a gift for a teenager, regardless of his age and hobbies. All the gifts that we have listed above can be an excellent present for absolutely any occasion.


However, you should not take the choice too seriously and give something very expensive, because the teenager will come of age ahead, for which he will expect an incredible gift from you. Giftmall, in turn, offers in the form of gifts to choose gift certificates that will suit absolutely any child.


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