Friends play an important role in the life of every person, together with them we share all the joyful moments, and they also come to the rescue in difficult times. Despite the fact that the relationship with a friend is often very close, we do not always know what to give a friend. I want him to be pleased, and time and effort were well spent. On a friend's birthday, I want to please him with something original.


It would seem that friends know almost everything and even more about each other, but when it comes to choosing gifts, absolutely nothing comes to mind. Do not suffer from headaches - solve the problem of gifts quickly and easily with gift certificates from Giftmall!

A win-win gift for a friend

If you have not yet decided which gifts to choose for your friends, do not be upset, you can always choose something symbolic and memorable, or buy a more solid and expensive gift. When choosing a present for a friend, you should definitely take into account his age, interests, hobbies and status, as well as temperament. The gift should always match and suit the person. In this case, a gift certificate is perfect, Giftmall offers hundreds of options, you can definitely choose what suits your best friend.


It is always easy to choose expensive and valuable gifts, but it is difficult to choose something cheaper and more symbolic. Here it is necessary that he evokes the right emotions and be sure to please a friend. If you are afraid to make a mistake with gifts, then we offer you a list of win-win options for all occasions:

  • Book. It's hard to guess with this, it would be better to give preference to the certificate to the bookstore.
  • Tea, cups and a teapot, or even better - a certificate to the best tea shop in your city
  • A wireless speaker or other small equipment - but it is better to entrust its choice to a friend himself, by handing him a certificate to a hardware store.


Also, do not forget to delight your friend with something tasty, find a cool coffee shop or pastry shop and add some sweetness to the gift.

Gifts for friends: recommendations for choosing the very present

Gifts for your best friend should not be chosen lightly. If you really want your friend to like the gift, then you need to follow these tips:

  • Consider your friend's hobbies

Whichever gift you choose, gifts that are associated with a hobby will always be a good option, especially if your friend collects something.

  • Ask directly

And what, so it was possible? Well, why not? If your friend has been dreaming about something or wants something for a long time, why not make his desire a reality? So you will know for sure that he will like the gift and will be needed.

  • Ask others

Gifts to another friend will not only be given by you, so ask your mutual friends or relatives of a friend about what they will give, what he wants and what he dreams about. If you already have some options, then it is also better to ask their opinion.

  • Wishlist

They've become insanely popular lately, it's just a list of everything your friend wants and needs. Thus, each of the guests will be able to give the birthday boy something really necessary and important.

  • Listen to your friend

Most likely, he has repeatedly told you about what he wants and what he dreams of. Also flip through your correspondence, for sure he threw off some cool things to you and wrote “I want”.

What to give a friend if you can't come

It is even more difficult to buy a gift for a friend if, for some reason, it is not possible to personally attend the holiday and congratulate a dear person. However, even in such situations, you should not leave your friend unattended, because he still has hobbies, interests and the expectation of pleasant impressions. Giftmall will help you solve this problem, you just need to:

  • go to the directory;
  • choose the gift certificate you like;
  • when placing an order, indicate the address of a friend.

Then we will send the gift through the postal service to any city in Ukraine or even with courier delivery. Do not forget to also order holiday packaging, because you will not be able to pack such a gift, and a certificate without packaging does not always look presentable enough. Distances are not important with Giftmall!


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