Choosing a gift can be a puzzle for anyone, especially if you need to find a quality gift on a limited budget. We at Giftmall believe that the cost of a gift is far from always important, especially if you can give emotions, not things, so we offer gift options in various price categories. And so, is it possible to buy something for 100 UAH and how to make a purchase not just for show, but turn it into a full-fledged surprise?

What can you buy for 100 UAH?

100 hryvnia is really a very, very limited budget. And if you walk around the nearest shopping center with this amount, you will most likely be able to pick up only a gift box or a small souvenir. It is almost impossible to find a thing for this amount that produces a “wow effect” or at least for a long time will be remembered by the gifted person. But does a gift for 100 hryvnia have to be a material object?

It is much better to give a certificate instead of an insignificant keychain or photo frame. At least in this way you will allow a person to independently choose a gift for 100 UAH, even if there is an ordinary photo frame. In addition, the pleasant impressions and emotions associated with the certificate, as well as the symbolism and meaning that are invested in it, are worth much more than the purchase itself and will remain in the memory of loved ones for a long time.

Certificate up to 100 UAH can be a good gift

At Giftmall we try to find gifts for a wide variety of occasions, people and places at the most affordable price, so even for a limited budget we have several offers. And here's what you can buy for 100 UAH in our store:

  • certificate for purchases - a huge number of stores offer the service of calculating certificates - from gardening centers to grocery supermarkets. Even if there is no grand occasion for gifts, a small present that can be used on any day and that will help save at least a little will definitely please your loved one.
  • food delivery certificate - in our catalog there are the best delivery services and restaurants in your city that will help you to have a quick bite or lunch. A certificate up to UAH 100 may well cover the cost of a small order or partially compensate for the total check.
  • a certificate for a useful service - paying for Internet TV services or a paid subscription to a web service is also a good gift, especially when it comes to a person who appreciates practical and useful gifts.

With the right presentation and skillfully chosen words, even such a seemingly insignificant surprise can make your dear person smile and warmly understand that they want to take care of him. In addition, the fact of giving a gift is often more important than its value or size!

How to order gifts for 100 UAH on Giftmall

Have you already looked at the offers on this page? Not? Then scroll above and spend a few minutes choosing a certificate, we assure you, it will not be difficult to find something suitable. Well, then it's quite simple:

  • add gifts for 100 UAH to the cart;
  • place an order by filling out a quick form;
  • pay for the purchase by the selected method.

Then it remains to wait for the certificate and hand it to the person being presented and do not forget that the gift must be activated before using it.

We add that even such a budget gift can be made truly magical by adding festive packaging. Giftmall provides such a service, and you can choose the packaging option when placing an order.

Frequently asked questions about the giftmall catalogue

If you are looking for inexpensive Gifts up to 100 UAH gifts in giftmall, we can recommend a few gift cards:

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The prices for Gifts up to 100 UAH gifts in giftmall can vary significantly depending on the chosen product. We have gifts for any budget - from 50.00 UAH and up to luxury and expensive ones - 200.00 UAH.

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