Gift up to 1500 UAH: creative and useful

The main rule before choosing any gift is to decide on the budget. Choosing a gift in reality is extremely difficult to do, it is almost impossible to calculate how much this or that thing will cost, therefore, in most cases, we spend more than the planned amount. In addition, it is much easier and easier to make impulsive purchases in reality than with online shopping.

A gift for 1500 UAH from Giftmall is an original, useful and unusual gift that any person will appreciate.

Impression as a gift for a man up to 1500 UAH

Men are brutality and strength, so gifts should be like that. The best certificate up to 1500 UAH that can be found on Giftmall is impressions. Although the amount is small, but for this money you can experience a lot of positive emotions, and memories will remain for many years.

  1. Paragliding

This is the best gift for a man under 1500 UAH, if he loves extreme sports, the sky and trying something new.

  1. Master classes

Getting new experience, trying something unusual and interesting, developing your creative potential is insanely interesting and exciting at any age.

  1. Buggy ride

This is more of an active than an extreme experience, but there will be no less emotions and delight from it.

A gift for a woman up to 1500 UAH: how to please lovely ladies?

The choice of a gift for a woman is always postponed until the last moment, because they understand that it will be difficult and long, but not if you are looking for a present at Giftmall. A gift for a woman up to 1500 UAH on Giftmall is dozens of different presents, including:

  1. Certificate in the center of laser cosmetology

Women care a lot about their appearance, and such a present will be able to demonstrate your concern.

  1. Hotel Rest Certificate

Sometimes you want to escape from the usual situation at least for a day or two and spend time in a completely different place.

  1. Cosmetics store certificate

There are never too many cosmetics, as well as handbags and shoes, so such a gift for 1500 UAH is a win-win option for any woman.

  1. Certificate for a beauty salon

You can't count all the services and amenities that you can get there. Just give the lady a certificate, and then she will figure out what to do with it.

  1. Perfume shop certificate

A good fragrance is the completion of any look, so we always approach its choice seriously.

Order a certificate up to 1500 UAH for Giftmall

Found what you can buy for 1500 hryvnia? Then let's place an order soon. Add the certificate you like to the basket (before that, select its type), and then fill out the standard order form. In addition to the certificate, you can order a gift box or a cute postcard. We advise you to order a gift up to 1500 UAH a week before the solemn date, and upon delivery, remind the addressee that it has an expiration date.

That's it, your perfect gift for a modest budget is ready, you have done this task, and the hero of the occasion is delighted with an unusual present!

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