Presenting to guests for a wedding is a very pleasant and beautiful tradition. In the classical sense, these are small souvenirs that are presented to guests as gratitude for sharing such a wonderful day with the newlyweds.

Gifts for wedding guests: tips for choosing

The newlyweds have a choice - a designer souvenir or a classic bonbonniere? To make it easier for you to decide which wedding compliments to choose from, here are some tips. However, before that, it is worth knowing that gifts are needed simply for each guest for their presence, as well as for contests. Gift certificates are very unusual gifts for guests at a wedding, you have hardly seen this somewhere before.


Tip 1. Wedding gifts for guests should not differ from the general concept of the celebration. For example, homemade jams might not work well for an urban wedding, and cute flower pots might not work for a glamor wedding. Because of this, it is worth discussing with the organizers absolutely all the nuances - from the location to the color scheme. Think about how you can add souvenirs to the decoration of the hall.


Tip 2. When choosing compliments for wedding guests, you should definitely take into account the weather conditions and the time of year. Most often, newlyweds prefer practical and useful gifts, and rightly so. But if you want the souvenir to be seasonal, then you should only buy it if you know the exact date of the wedding.


Tip 3. Gifts to guests for a wedding can only be successful if you take into account the preferences of the guests. Of course, original gifts are cool, but they are unlikely to surprise all invited guests. You can choose different gifts for different guests, or find one thing that definitely unites your guests and can be liked by absolutely everyone.

Unusual wedding gifts for guests

The most popular wedding gifts to guests for pageants is something edible. Most often, this is some kind of sweetness, which most of the guests eat even during the holiday. However, when choosing prizes for wedding pageants or as compliments to guests, you don't have to limit yourself to confectionery or figurines. With Giftmall you can offer your guests such unusual gifts as:

  • joint leisure (for couples);
  • dinner at a specific restaurant;
  • ordering food or desserts;
  • lessons and master classes (if you know about your guests' hobbies);
  • shopping in shopping centers and shops.


Also, gifts for guests for a wedding, it is worth buying with a beautiful and unique packaging, selected for each guest or corresponding to the general concept of the evening. Packaging will not only make the presentation of the gift more beautiful, but also convey your concern for the guests. Therefore, gifts to guests at a wedding from newlyweds, which you can buy at Giftmall, are available in festive packaging with several color schemes, you just need to choose the desired color and format when placing an order.

Prizes for wedding contests: how to make the right choice

Remember that those invited to your wedding are dear and close people to you. If you want to leave a memory of such an important day not only in the form of a photo or video, then bonbonnieres will be an excellent option. Presentations for guests do not always have to be expensive, they can be small things, the main thing is that they are chosen with soul.


But before the wedding, most often there is not enough time for anything, and then there are gifts for guests and prizes for competitions, and it is generally not clear what to do with this. In order not to waste your precious time on this, just use the Giftmall services.


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