A gift to a colleague for dismissal: What to buy and how to present?

Life is often unpredictable. In addition to happiness in personal life, many people also want to build a successful career. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do this at one job. And sometimes it comes to an understanding that you want something new and completely different. The moment of leaving always causes stress, but what to give to an employee upon dismissal and is it worth doing it at all? It all depends on the team and the relationship between employees. And yet, this is an opportunity to say goodbye with dignity to a team member and be remembered forever.

Gifts to a colleague upon dismissal: what should they be?

The dismissal of a person is not the most pleasant event in the team. In this case, I would like to at least somehow remain in the memory of a person. Spending too much money on this event is not worth it. If you are thinking about what to give to a retiring colleague, you should pay attention to things that may be useful to him at his new place of work. It can be a glider for a year, a cup with an interesting inscription, or a thermocup. You can also give a diary or a set of food containers.

When choosing a gift, you should also pay attention to the relationship with this colleague. If you are good friends, you can buy some fun and cool gift. It all depends on your imagination and the budget that you have allocated for this gift. You can even buy a flash drive with interesting working moments and photos, or hand over a frame with a picture of your friendly team.

How to choose a gift for a manager upon dismissal

There are also situations when a leader leaves the team. It is a rather painful situation when the team will have to get used to the new director and perhaps even change the usual course of the workflow. In this case, I also want to thank the person who helped to effectively carry out all work processes throughout this time. A memorable gift to a manager upon dismissal can be a great opportunity to express your emotions and feelings to this person.

If your boss was a woman who loves exquisite and beautiful things, you can give her a chic set of dishes from a more expensive line, some professional cosmetics, a painting or jewelry. It's worth starting from what kind of relationship you had and how much money you are willing to spend on a gift. You should not buy something too expensive, because it can put the manager in an awkward position.

In the case when a male boss leaves you, the gift may be different. Try to think about what he is interested in, how he spends his free time and what he dreams about. A gift to a manager upon dismissal should be such that he can remember his past position with warmth and gratitude. You can buy some car accessories, fishing gear, an expensive flask or a Parker pen so that at his new place of work he can sign important documents and remember his past team.

Gifts to colleagues upon dismissal

In some cases, it happens that several people leave the team at once. Then it is necessary to prepare several presents at once and it is desirable that they are the same or are in the same price category. You can give certificates for the same amount, but to different stores, depending on people's preferences.

Memorable gifts to colleagues upon dismissal should make the farewell more sincere and warm. Do not forget to wish that the further adventures of these people were even more exciting and fruitful, with a minimum number of problems.


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