Corporate Gifts for New Year


On the eve of the long-awaited holiday in the air smells of magic and miracles. And even the busiest office turns into a hive: there is a gambling preparation of a joint celebration, banquet and fun games in a circle of colleagues.


Everyone knows how much he made in the outgoing year is preparing for new accomplishments and boldly looks to the future. A corporate gift from the company will become a powerful incentive for selfless work and devotion to the general idea.


How to choose a New Year's corporate gift for employees, partners and customers


New Year's presents for employees


You can congratulate employees in different ways. Cash premiums, souvenirs, confectionery are the most popular options for corporate gifts for the new year. They are important, miles, pleasant, and to the gentleness of banal.


Gift certificate - know-how of the modern motivational system of developed enterprises. It is always new, interesting, it is not bank. And most importantly - it is easier than the printing of corporate souvenirs is much more profitable and faster.


It is not easy to please all employees, because each of them is a person with their own interests and lifestyle. That is why the increasing number of managers prefer corporate gift certificates as a way to encourage the team for good work.


Gifts business customers and partners for the new year


Happy New Year It is also desirable to congratulate customers and business partners who were with you for the whole year. Usually it must be the most universal gifts. And this feature can be best made a gift certificate. In addition, such a gift for partners and customers looks solid.


Ideas for New Year's gifts in the office, on corporate


New Year is a magical holiday, and congratulations from the company becomes a mandatory part of festive wonders. And a young specialist, and the master with the experience, and the Chief Accountant, and the Secretary to get encouraging from the company on the eve of the main holiday especially nice.


What to give colleagues to the office for the new year? How to guess the desire of everyone? Choose a gift certificate based on sex, age and category of employees:


 Women will delight gift maps of cosmetics stores, perfumes, accessories. Perhaps it is the certificate that will embody a long-time dream of the desired perfume brand.

 Men, young and mature, in the period of New Year holidays turn into merry boys. Gift certificate for the purchase of adult toys - gadgets, accessories for technology and auto - will raise the mood and give a charge of cheerfulness.

 If the team has employees with children, do not go out and their side. Gift certificates of stores of children's goods will be very powerful: after all, ahead is a long series of fun holidays and the long-awaited arrival of Santa Claus.


New Year's gift from the company is a rare opportunity to collect together the whole team, note the merits of each and get the title of the best boss of the year.


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