Godfathers are special people in our life, on the one hand, they were just friends to us yesterday, and they themselves are already almost relatives and in fact full-fledged family members. Not a single family holiday or other important event can do without them, and as expected, gifts to godfathers also need to be given. Let's say that a colleague can buy some kind of souvenir, but the gift to the godfather should be good and worthy. A gift certificate for the amount of your choice is a useful, practical and versatile gift that will suit and please absolutely everyone.

What to give a godmother for her birthday to please her

Being godparents for children is an extremely responsible and honorable mission, because the little angel was just born, and you were given the right to be his godmother. Most often, when choosing godparents for children, parents choose their closest friends or relatives, in which case the godfather will be an extremely important person for any family. When choosing an original gift for a godfather, do not forget that it must necessarily correspond to the occasion.


Godmother is a very close and special person, she is very close, because it was she who you entrusted to become the second mother to your child. A holiday like Birthday is a great way to express all your love, care and gratitude to her. Therefore, you need to make sure that the birthday present for the godfather is worthy and interesting. What to give a godfather for her birthday to surprise and delight her?


Perfectly, when choosing a gift, you need to focus on your personal relationships, interests and age of the person. However, you can listen to advice, or turn to giftmall for help and choose an amazing gift in the form of a gift certificate for a shopping, service or experience.

Gift for godmother: what to consider

First of all, in order to guess with a gift, you need to remember two things:

  1. You choose a gift not just for your godmother, but for the godmother of your child. This is not some kind of distant relative for whom a meaningless trinket can be a good gift option, but a loved one, choosing a gift for whom, you need to try hard.
  2. The gift is necessary for a woman, most likely your close friend. Of course, whatever you donate, she will say “Thank you” to you, but you will immediately understand by her smile and eyes if she didn’t like the gift very much. Because of this, both will spoil the mood, and maybe even the relationship.


You don't even need to look at the standard sets of the “flowers + candies” type or a set of original vases. You need to find something soulful and original. Also, the gift must be of high quality, correspond to the age and status of your idol.

Gift to the godfather: truly feminine gifts

Choosing what to give to the godfather for his birthday, you can not go far and give preference to primordially female gifts that will always be relevant. A woman will always understand a woman, right? Use this statement in order to choose original gifts for the godfather. Think about what will please you from the classic ladies' pleasures? If you could not come up with any gift option, then it is best to give preference to the win-win options from Giftmall:

  • Certificate for the purchase of beauty products

Well, who among us does not like to take a full bath at the end of the working week, so that the foam is thick and smells very nice. And if there is also a bath bomb, candles, fragrant scrub and hair oil. Give your godmother such a pleasure. But we are all different, and in order not to miscalculate with a gift, it is better to present a certificate to a cosmetics and perfumery store.

  • Certificate for a beauty salon or spa services

Such a gift for godmother will go with a bang, and Giftmall will help you choose the most suitable set of services in the best salon in your city.

  • Jewelry store certificate

Gold in this case is too expensive and pretentious gift, but silver is perfect, will be relevant and will suit any look. To be sure that you liked the gift - present a certificate to a jewelry store from Giftmall, the site has offers from the most popular jewelry companies in the country.

  • Shopping certificate

Godmother gifts should show her that you love and care for her. A stylish scarf, watch or leather gloves will complement any look, but why not give the birthday girl the opportunity to choose these and any other things on her own? Just select the amount and your favorite shopping center or store in your city and a successful gift is guaranteed!


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