Godfathers are the second parents of the child, with them we always have a special connection and relationship. Therefore, for any holidays we prepare gifts for them and want to congratulate them in a special way. It is not so easy to choose gifts for godfathers, because here you need to think carefully, something banal and “for show” will not work, however, too expensive and luxurious gifts should not be chosen either. In any case, presentations should be such as to evoke positive emotions. Giftmall offers certificates for experiences and entertainment, and in addition, you can order a certificate for shopping and various services.

A useful gift for godfathers

Godfathers play an important role in our life, they stand somewhere in the middle between friends and relatives. If they themselves did not say what they need, then you can give them the opportunity to pick up a gift on their own, while demonstrating attention and respect. Helpful gifts for godmothers from Giftmall include:

  • shopping at a hardware store or home decor - home furnishings and appliances are almost always a win-win. The Giftmall catalog contains certificates from dozens of specialized stores from various cities of Ukraine.
  • spending time together and relaxing - present pair certificates for dinner, massage, skydiving or any other type of leisure and let the godfathers have a pleasant time together.
  • separate certificates for each of the godfathers is a good solution if you know about the hobbies and hobbies of godfathers. By presenting each with a hobby certificate, you will demonstrate consideration and respect.


If you really need to buy a gift for godfathers, but you do not know about their preferences, interests and hobbies, then try to make a gift that will be pleasant and useful, a gift certificate from Giftmall is ideal for this description. It doesn't have to be expensive. The main thing is to be done with soul and to please the godfathers.

How to choose gifts for godmothers

On the eve of the holidays, each of us thinks about gifts and surprises. In order that the necessity of buying a gift does not catch you by surprise, it is imperative to plan in advance what exactly you will give and purchase a gift. In the last days before the holiday, there are huge queues everywhere and, most likely, you will not be able to find what you need.


When choosing a present, be sure to take into account the interests, hobbies, character and hobbies of your godfathers. If you can give a present related to their common hobby, then they will definitely appreciate it. Before proceeding with the selection or purchase of a gift, it is imperative to define a budget for yourself. This will help you understand which presents you can and which you cannot consider.


It often happens that when we get into the shops our eyes literally run up and we can make impulsive purchases. We do not advise you to fall for the tricks of marketers, buy only what you came for. This way you will definitely not spend more. But you don't have to go anywhere, but just order a Giftmall certificate for:

  • Shopping.
  • Services.
  • Recreation.
  • Entertainment.


When choosing a gift, in no case should you take into account only your interests, preferences and tastes. It is not a fact that if you liked something, then your godfathers will definitely like it. Be sure to consider their wishes. Also, any gift must be beautifully wrapped, it can be a beautiful bag or wrapping paper. Do not forget about the postcard and warm words!


If you are in complete trouble with choosing a gift, contact Giftmall for help, we can find the perfect gift for a reasonable fee.


Frequently asked questions about the giftmall catalogue

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