What a cool celebration - housewarming, it is customary to celebrate it on a grand scale. Moving to a new apartment or house is always a joyful event, and new owners want to share this event with relatives, friends and loved ones. Housewarming cannot be called a holiday, but it is considered bad form to come empty-handed. What do they usually give for housewarming? Alcohol and some kind of snacks, but the owners will be much more pleased to receive an original and necessary thing. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a housewarming gift in advance. If you don't know very well the people you are going to housewarming, gift certificates will help you out perfectly, even if it is a certificate for a grocery store, pharmacy, hypermarket or anywhere!

What do they give for housewarming besides flowers and alcohol?

In order to buy a housewarming gift, you must first find out where your loved ones have moved - to an apartment or house, and when choosing a gift, be sure to take into account the family status of the owners and their age. Based on this, you can already discard all inappropriate gifts. In fact, choosing an original housewarming gift is not so difficult, since certificates allow you not to be limited to specific things. Among the most popular offers:

  • A trip to the store with home decor and household goods will allow the owners to immediately equip a new nest with pleasant trifles and useful household items. And thanks to the certificate, you will not impose your opinion on the owners.
  • Certificate to a flower or horticultural shop - If you know people love flowerpots and live plants, help them decorate their home with something blooming, smelling, and green.
  • Useful services for the home or yard - this can be a certificate for the services of a gardener, plumber or any other craftsman. The need for these services sooner or later arises in every home, so your certificate is unlikely to gather dust.
  • Host entertainment - Sometimes finding a place to live and moving can be so exhausting that a little trip or extreme entertainment for the hosts to distract them is the best idea.


By choosing gift certificates on Giftmall, you can present a really useful and practical gift and show your respect for the owners and their choice.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts with Giftmall

If such gifts, which are traditionally given for housewarming, are therefore win-win:

  1. Pets

We all know that the cat should be the first to enter the house, it is generally accepted that then the family will be accompanied by well-being, prosperity and happiness. Therefore, if you know that friends have long dreamed of a cat, dog or hamster, then this is a great way to please them. But sometimes it is also not always possible to guess, in which case a gift certificate to an animal store will come in handy more than ever!

  1. Furniture

This is a large, expensive, and desperately needed gift. Often they move to newer housing, because of this, some rooms or zones in the house are empty, because it is difficult to choose and purchase all the furniture at once. You can make it easier for your loved ones and give them furniture, but if you are not sure of your choice (after all, each of us has different tastes), then you can simply present a certificate to a furniture store, where the newly made owners will choose everything they need.

  1. Appliances

Also, like furniture, appliances are a must-have for any move, so a certificate to a home appliance store will definitely not be superfluous. You can choose the amount for both large purchases and for small, but no less useful home appliances.

How to order housewarming gifts

To choose gifts for housewarming on Giftmall, you just need to go to our catalog and take a few simple steps:

  1. select the desired category and city of residence;
  2. indicate the amount of the certificate;
  3. choose a service or product that you like and add it to your cart;
  4. place an order and wait for our call.

Remember that with Giftmall you can send a gift for a housewarming even if you cannot personally congratulate the owners - just specify the desired address for postal delivery. If necessary, we will even pick up gift wrapping!


Frequently asked questions about the giftmall catalogue

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