Today such a cool and kind tradition has become popular - to give cute gifts to educators from parents on September 1, graduation from kindergarten, Teacher's Day, March 8, Birthday and New Year. It is sometimes extremely important to choose a gift for the educator, because it is necessary to make it appropriate, useful, delight the teacher every day and at the same time not put him in an awkward position. Giftmall will tell you how to choose the right gifts and offer cool gift ideas in the form of gift certificates for all occasions!

How to choose a gift for a teacher?

A gift for a teacher is not some kind of whim, but an opportunity to thank. The goal of educators and their mission is very important - you need to teach children to learn about the world, on the one hand, they should be strict mentors, and on the other, good friends. In difficult times, they are always ready to lend their shoulder - to love, understand and console. If the children did not have such cool mentors, they would have grown up completely different!


The teacher plays an extremely important role in the child's life, and after a couple of years he almost becomes a full-fledged member of the family. This is much more important than the teacher at school, because he eliminates the first conflicts and tells how to prevent them, take care and bring up. The educator has a whole group of wards, but for your child he is the only one.

Unsuccessful graduation gift for the teacher

It is very difficult to choose a memorable gift for the teacher, because for you this is an unfamiliar person with whom you practically do not communicate, you cannot know about her interests, hobbies and tastes. However, you must definitely know what you cannot give:

  • Personal hygiene products (shampoos, shower gels, soaps, washing foams, this also applies to gift sets).
  • Gifts with a hint - face cream 50+ or ​​a subscription to the fitness room.
  • Cosmetics, any - decorative and care products cannot be given, because you do not know what a person uses and whether she is allergic to something.
  • Underwear - firstly, it is, at least, unethical, and secondly, it will be difficult to guess with the size.


Such a gift to educators as money is also considered unsuccessful, since according to etiquette they cannot be given. However, in fact, educators often receive such gifts. Much better to just buy a gift certificate from Giftmall for the same amount. Essentially the same thing, however, such a gift will be perceived in a completely different way. Plus, the kindergarten leadership is unlikely to like such gifts.

A gift for the teacher from the whole group and from myself

A present for the teacher at the graduation is most often given from the whole group, it should be some kind of large and expensive gift. This is much better than a dozen small and insignificant gifts.

  • Perfume

However, it is worth giving such a gift to educators at graduation only if you know their name. Or choose a gift certificate to a perfume store on the Giftmall website.

  • A little trip

It doesn't have to be the Maldives or the Dominican Republic. A small trip around our country will help you relax and gain strength, and many companies offer certificates for such trips.

  • Appliances

Nobody talks about gifts as big as a new washing machine or a two-door refrigerator, but a small coffee maker, humidifier, or toaster will do just fine. But the educator is not a close person to you and you cannot know what equipment she has and what she needs. In this case, it is best to simply present a Giftmall gift certificate to your home appliance store.

  • Beauty salon certificate

Your child's caregiver always looks good, doesn't she? Gifts for the teacher's day in the form of a certificate will help maintain your appearance at height.

  • Massage course

The teacher is on his feet all day, so massage will not hurt as a preventive measure. And on Giftmall there is a certificate to massage parlors in your city for any package of services.


If you don’t like the idea of ​​general gifts, or if this is not accepted in your group, then you can always make gifts to the teacher on your own behalf. After you choose a gift, allow the child to present it, for him and for the teacher it will be very valuable.


All gifts are cool in their own way, but if you couldn't find anything here that you might like, then choose gift certificates from Giftmall. This is an original and unusual gift that any teacher will be pleased to receive.


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