Gift certificates on March 8


Choosing gifts to girls is very difficult. After all, I want to acquire something that is definitely pleasantly impressed. But where is where to find such a thing? Bouquets of flowers, boxes of candies, perfume and other typical gifts have not been impressive for a long time. Although certainly they are pleasant. Modern women want something more original.


Gift certificates on March 8 girls and women


We cannot provide you with a list of original gifts so that you choose from it. But we can give you the opportunity to buy a gift certificate in one of the popular stores. In the catalog you will find certificates in women's linen shops, clothes and shoes, accessories, cosmetics and other female joys. How to choose the desired? Very simple. Follow the simple rules:


 Give something that the girl uses: a colleague is rarely painted, but often comes in a new blouse? Conclusion: you need to give a certificate in the clothing store;

 Examine the price range: it will be awkward if the girl comes to the store and can not buy anything to buy a gift certificate. Therefore, we advise you to ask the prices in the store in advance;

 Darite in accordance with the status: no need to pour a colleague certificate for a monthly salary. Similar to the beloved girl will not be very pleased to get a certificate for 50 hryvnia.


How to present a gift certificate for March 8


Certificate for girl


The more interesting you will prevent a gift - the more likely that he will like the girl. Use fantasy when packing a gift. It is all possible to supplement the certificate with flowers, champagne or candy.


Certificate for colleague


If you are going to surprise your colleague or familiar - it is enough to put a certificate in a beautiful envelope. Well, or give a bouquet of flowers in which the certificate will be hidden. If there are many employees at work, you can choose certificates with a small face value.


Certificate for boss


For the boss usually a gift is selected from the team. Therefore, he should look as much as possible. For example, give a wine decanter with glasses with certificates in a wine shop.


Certificate for wife


Choosing something for your beloved wife, you can see the options for a gift card in a women's lingerie store or a favorite brand clothing store. In men, it is not always possible to guess with the desired color or size, because such a gift will become perfect.


Certificate for Mom


Choosing a certificate for mom, pay attention to the goods for the kitchen. After all, every mother probably knows better what she needs. And of course, do not forget about a bouquet with flowers and strong kisses!


Certificate Sister


The sister, like anyone near a person, is difficult to find something as a gift. Therefore, no matter how cool the certificate can be a good solution.


Certificate of teacher


Gifts to teachers are usually given twice a year: on their professional holiday and on the 8th of March. And usually these are bouquets with candy. Be original - Give a small box with a gift certificate.


Certificate - the best gift for the female day


If on March 8 coincides with another important date - it is advisable to give something more expensive. For example, certificate of cosmetics shop and jewelry. One gift in honor of the general female holiday, one - in honor of his own.

What we do not advise to do - give certificates for food. They are appropriate only complete with other certificates or if you give a recent acquaintance.

P.S. Shops of luxury wines, cheeses and delicacies exception.


Frequently asked questions about the giftmall catalogue

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