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Foxtrot Foxtrot
Buy from 50UAH
Chain of home appliances and electronics
Allo Allo
Buy from 100UAH
Telecommunication stores network
Eldorado Eldorado
Buy from 100UAH
chain of home appliances and electronics
Comfy Comfy
Buy from 100UAH
Chain of home appliances and electronics
Epicentr Epicentr
Buy from 100UAH
Chain of building and home improvement hypermarkets
Auchan Auchan
Buy from 200UAH
Chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets
DroneUA DroneUA
Buy from 1000UAH
Drones, unmanned vehicles and robots
Tabletochki Tabletochki
Buy from 1UAH
Charitable foundation
Sale paused
not available
Online store of dishes and household goods


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