Choosing a good gift is always associated with many difficulties, because you need to choose not only what is interesting to a person and suits his tastes, but also what will be appropriate for a particular event and will definitely cause pleasant emotions. Giftmall knows how to solve all these problems at the same time and offers Odessa gift certificates as the best option. Such a gift format allows not only to provide the hero of the occasion with freedom of choice, but also to give vivid emotions. What exactly?

Gift certificates Odessa for women

Odessa is one of the largest tourist and resort centers in Ukraine, so there are no problems with vivid impressions and pleasant pastime in this city. An extensive Giftmall partner network in Odessa allows us to offer a wide variety of Odessa gift certificates for women, including:

  • Spa and beauty treatments are a win-win option for any woman and for almost any holiday, especially if you know her favorite salon.
  • massages - an unforgettable pastime, combining healing and relaxation. The selection of massage types and salons in the Giftmall catalog is impressive.
  • visiting establishments - such a gift certificate Odessa is suitable for romantic holidays, as well as for relaxing with friends or evenings alone.
  • shopping - a wide variety of branded boutiques in all shopping centers in Odessa are included in the list of our partners.

Not to mention more practical gifts, such as a certificate to a pharmacy or payment for various online services from local and international operators and platforms.

The Giftmall catalog will allow you to buy a Odessa certificate to congratulate the fair sex on any occasion, be it a birthday, a professional holiday or a wedding anniversary. To simplify the search for a gift and save time, a filter will help, in which you can quickly select the category of gift and the budget you are counting on.

Gift certificates for men in Odessa

Odessa is full of impressions and emotions for all residents, so choose

gift certificates for men Odessa will not be a problem either. Depending on the occasion and your relationship with the congratulatory person, you can buy a certificate for:

  • extreme entertainment - quad bikes, parachuting or bungee jumping, as well as exclusive offers from our local partners.
  • team games - it can be a trip with friends to a quest room, a visit to a shooting range or a paintball match.
  • spending time together - if the reason for the gift is romantic, then you can give a certificate for a dinner for two or couples relaxation in the SPA.
  • haircuts and grooming procedures - offers from the best barbershops in the city are also collected from us.

And in the same way, Odessa gift certificates for men are presented in more practical categories. Is your friend or close man a master of all trades? He may be interested in a certificate for a tool store and a hardware store. A certificate for food delivery may not be superfluous. It all depends on how well you know what a man needs.

How to buy gift certificates in Odessa

Giftmall is one of the most convenient ways to buy a Odessa gift certificate. To receive a gift in your hands, you only need:

  1. select the appropriate certificate in the catalog and add it to the basket;
  2. place an order, indicating the method of delivery and payment for the purchase;
  3. pay for the gift and pick it up at the post office or courier.

You can organize a holiday for a loved one, even without a personal presence - just order targeted delivery to the home of the congratulatory person and Giftmall will deliver the certificate right to the door. If necessary, you can also order a festive wrapping of the certificate and add a little more care and magic to the gift.

We remind you that Odessa certificates have a validity period indicated on the certificate itself, and before using them, you need to activate the service (read how to do this on our website).


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