Gift certificate in beauty salon


Purchase - mandatory and very pleasant procedure. Massages, haircuts, manicures-pedicure, cosmetologist, makeup - so much pleasure is in yourself the usual combination of the words "beauty salon". How many pleasures are available today to people - and how sometimes it is difficult to enter each procedure in your budget. That is why more and more cosmetology cabinets include an additional option in their menu - Gift Certificate


Types of certificates in beauty salon


A campaign to the beauty salon is a great way to relieve tension, relax, feel like young and beautiful. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do it there and then when you want. The SPA certificate is a great gift that will open up new opportunities for care for its face and body. A certificate for massage will give several hours of relaxing, tonic or anti-cellulite procedures for energy charge.


The map of this institution is a paid service that may imply work:


 hairdresser and / or makeup artist;

 cosmetologist - masks, peelings, different manipulations to preserve the health and youth person;

 for body care, including massage;

 Classic or hardware manicure or pedicure.


Opportunities depend on the list of services of the cabinet itself and from the nominal gift card: the higher it is above, the more opportunities opens.


Who can give a certificate in the salon


Spa Map has become an almost familiar gift in major cities of Ukraine. Paid services help women stay beautiful and solve the difficult task of choosing congratulations on holidays. Who buy a beauty office card as a gift? Such a present almost has no restrictions:


 Mama and native women;

 educators and doctors - to professional holidays or as a sign of appreciation;

 colleagues and employees - as an element of corporate encouragement and congratulations;

 Girlfriends - and then you can combine useful - chat with a pleasant - a massage session or face mask.


And although traditionally such cards are considered a female gift, they may well come up and men - if you are sure that he follows himself and will perceive such a gift adequately. If not - do not risk, prefer a more courageous gift. And leave the braid, painting or masks. Leave the beautiful half of humanity.

A hike in a beauty salon is an amazing, comfortable, very practical gift. After all, with his help, every woman will choose a service to taste for himself.


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