Choosing impressions as a gift Zaporozhye is not so easy as an ordinary thing. I want the impression to be a 100% hit on the target, consistent with the interests and hobbies of a person. The main thing when choosing is to be attentive to the person and be sure to take into account his desires. With the choice of a gift there will be no difficulties in only one case - if you choose it on Giftmall!

Gift certificates Zaporozhye: varieties

If you think that Zaporozhye gift certificates are an original and universal gift that can be given to anyone, regardless of the occasion, then you are not mistaken, it really is! However, today there is a huge selection of gift cards, the most popular of them are:

  1. Certificates for a branded clothing/shoes/accessories store

If the person for whom you are looking for a Zaporozhye gift certificate likes to dress beautifully, then he will definitely be able to appreciate such a present. And in general, when someone was not pleased with new clothes.

  1. Certificates for electronics or equipment

This is what you need always, everyone and everywhere. Small electronics often break down, and for large equipment, sometimes you even need to collect money or take installments.

  1. Service certificates

Thanks to them, you can give a trip to the cinema, a beauty salon or a massage.

  1. Certificates Zaporozhye for impressions

But this is generally a new trend even in the world of gift certificates, because in this way you can give a jeep safari, a parachute jump or a cool master class.

  1. Giftmall Universal Certificate

This is a certificate for a certain amount (from 200 to 50,000 UAH), with which a person can choose everything he likes on the Giftmol website.

Gift certificates for women Zaporozhye: relaxation, shopping and love

Gift certificates for women Zaporozhye is always a bit of a headache, regardless of whether you choose a gift for your boss or your beloved woman. Not everyone will be able to cope with such a difficult task, however, if you have helpers in the form of the Gifmol team, then you are not afraid of anything! The range of the site is huge and you can choose everything your heart desires. You may not even be limited to one certificate. And we offer TOP 3 gift certificates for women:


  1. massage certificate

Timely rest is the key to a happy and strong relationship. Plus, massage has a positive effect on both the emotional and physical condition of a person.

  1. Clothes, shoes, accessories

Women are very fond of such gifts, but men almost never can guess with a choice.

  1. Cosmetics and perfumery

Well, I think there is no need to explain anything. Everything that smells good and can be put on yourself is automatically sent to the basket!

Unusual gift certificates for men Zaporozhye

If you are choosing gift certificates for men Zaporozhye for your chosen one, then we advise you to pay attention to spending time together. Thus, you can, firstly, relax and spend time together, and secondly, try something new and unusual.

  1. Tasting Certificate

Any man will appreciate such a gift to impress Zaporozhye, because this is an opportunity to finally learn how to understand alcohol and choose the right snacks for it.

  1. Cinema or Restaurant Certificate

If you rarely go out with your chosen one, want to please him and at the same time spend time together - take such gift options into service!

  1. Certificate for master classes

In general, men are extremely specific about this kind of activities, especially group ones, therefore, before buying a Zaporozhye certificate, you should think carefully. But if your chosen one is a creative person and he has long wanted to try something new and interesting, then you won’t find a better option!

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