And it is very pleasant to accept and give gifts, because even small souvenirs and trinkets can sometimes please and give a lot of positive emotions. However, trinkets are not suitable for every occasion, and when some grandiose holidays are on the way, specific, serious and original gifts are needed.


Preparation for the celebration has many obligatory, important and complex procedures, and the search and selection of gifts is one of them. Regardless of the reason and who needs a gift for a holiday, it should always be original, useful and beautiful. Immediately, we want to prepare you for the fact that there are no universal gifts that would be ideal for absolutely everyone. A holiday gift is always individual. But one universal present that absolutely any person we can offer is gift certificates from Giftmall.

Holiday gift: popular dates

Gifts for the holidays differ in the date and occasion of the celebration. There are certain red dates on the calendar when in shopping malls you can meet dozens of lost eyes like yours looking for an original holiday gift. The most massive holidays are:

  • New Year;
  • Christmas;
  • March 8;
  • Defender's Day.


In addition, there are many holidays that came to us from the West, but have become insanely popular among Ukrainians and have even taken root - Halloween, Valentine's Day and even Mother's Day. Religious holidays have not been canceled either - St. Nicholas Day, Easter, Maslenitsa, which, by the way, are very popular not only among deeply religious people. There are also corporate and professional holidays, the most popular of which are Programmer's Day, Lawyer's Day, Teacher's Day. In addition, there are birthdays, anniversaries and some kind of family holidays, for which you also need to prepare gifts.


So that gifts for the holiday do not become an unpleasant surprise for you and do not devastate your family budget, you need to prepare for them in advance. We strongly advise you to allocate a certain amount for gifts and not go beyond its limits, as well as determine the number and type of gifts. Planning is extremely important when shopping for gifts, especially when it comes to big holidays like New Years or March 8th, since then there is a great temptation to make impulsive and not very deliberate purchases.

Alternatively, you can choose a simpler solution to the problem:

  1. Open the catalog of the Giftmall website.
  2. Set the filters you need.
  3. Choose the offer you like.
  4. Give the most original and unusual gift - a gift certificate!
  5. Rejoice that you guessed right and chose a useful present.

An original gift for a holiday - what is it?

In online stores, shopping centers or souvenir shops, you can find both original gifts for the holidays, and something banal and hackneyed for a long time. If your fantasy has left the chat altogether, and you need to buy a gift for a holiday urgently, we offer you a TOP of win-win gift ideas that absolutely everyone will like:

  1. Certificate for the store of home decor and useful things

Regardless of who you go to on a holiday, regardless of the age, character and preferences of the addressee, he will definitely like such a gift. It is an expression of concern for a person and his home. If the holiday is really important, and the person is very close to you, then you can choose a certificate of a particular brand or chain of stores. You can see the available shopping centers and purchase amounts in our catalog!

  1. Accessory store certificate

This is the certificate that you can give when you have gone through all the possible ideas in your head and just do not know what to give. The advantage of this presentation option is that it can be presented to absolutely any person - brother, friend, parents, boss, second half. Accessories play an extremely important role in the image, so such gifts for the holidays are suitable for a person who follows and worries about his style. We are all different, we wear different clothes and love different styles - so that your gift does not disappoint the hero of the occasion, it is better to present him with a certificate to a clothing or accessories store and give him the opportunity to choose on his own.

  1. Candy shop or pastry shop certificate

Admit it, you have a sweet tooth? We, too. But let's not get the classic milk chocolate from the store, there are so many cool pastry shops and craft shops out there today. Just buy a certificate from one of these establishments and make any holiday delicious!

Gifts for the Holidays: What's Most Important?

No matter how trite it may sound, but in fact, it is not the gift that is dear, but the attention. You can buy the most expensive present and just shove it to a person with the words “hold”, and there will be no care, no respect, no love.


The story of one gift begins when the idea of ​​it arises in someone's head. You can't just buy gifts for the holidays just for show, because it will be very noticeable, there will be no soul in it. Remember that gifts, first of all, are not things, but emotions. In this case, on the Giftmall website, you can order a certificate for entertainment and experiences that will give a person unforgettable emotions and memories!


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