What to give a guy for his birthday and how to impress a loved one?

Looking for the same creative and original gift for a guy, we often come across shops and sites with typical and monotonous souvenirs or gifts of dubious quality. However, when it comes to gifts for the most expensive - it's always only the best.

Finding and choosing a gift for a guy is usually not very easy, because there are many reasons for gifts, and ideas run out very quickly. Plus, most men appreciate practical and useful gifts, so in the direction of classic souvenirs or cute, but not very necessary gifts, it is better not to look. But even with practical options for gifts is not so easy to guess, because it requires perfect knowledge of the tastes and tastes of the guy.

Giftmall offers to replace standard gifts with certificates. We offer three types of such gifts, among which you will be able to choose a gift for a guy for his birthday:

  • Gift certificate for a product or service - Giftmall offers dozens of different stores and companies.

  • Gift certificate for emotions - romantic, active or even extreme impressions.

  • Universal gift certificate is a way to give the opportunity to choose a gift without limiting the culprit of the holiday to one store.


Gift ideas for guys

Finding ideas for a gift for a guy is not so easy, but we tried and found for you the TOP 15 ideas for gifts that will impress any guy:

  1. Elite alcohol.

  2. Branded clothing or footwear.

  3. Stylish accessories.

  4. Watch.

  5. Perfumes.

  6. Book.

  7. Technology or electronics.

  8. Plaid.

  9. Care cosmetics.

  10. Rare varieties of coffee or tea.

  11. Jewelry.

  12. Leather goods.

  13. Glasses.

  14. Household goods.

  15. A living plant.


All of these gift ideas, as well as many others, can be put into practice at Giftmall. We work with dozens of different companies, brands and stores, so we provide a wide selection of gifts. Clothes, shoes and accessories are some of the most popular gift options, but guessing with them is not easy because you need to know not only the preferences of the guy, but also the size. In order not to lose with the gift, you can order a certificate to the store:

  • Calvin Klein;

  • Intersport;

  • Tommy Hilfiger;

  • The North Face;

  • Vans;

  • Intertop;

  • 5000 Miles.

Gadgets today are one of the most popular and desired gifts, any guy will be pleased to receive a gift of new headphones or smart watches, and he can choose them in:

  • Comfy;

  • Hello;

  • Eldorado.

The book has always been the best gift, because self-development is the best contribution to yourself, in the Yakaboo online bookstore, your boyfriend will definitely find something interesting for himself. Gifts such as household goods or live plants will be able to tell without words about your care, if this is exactly what you want to express, you should order a certificate from:

  • Epicenter;

  • Florium;

  • Poetry Home;

  • JYSK.

It would seem that food is too banal to be a gift, but here you can create and choose, for example, rare types of tea and coffee, luxury alcoholic beverages or delicious cheeses. You can order them in:

  • OKwine;

  • Marco Coffee;

  • Tea House;


  • Cheese Kingdom.

Does the birthday boy like to take care of himself? The best gift for a guy in this case - cosmetics or perfumes, at your service:

  • Barbers;

  • Kilian;

  • Brocard;

  • Aromatheque.

Also a win-win option will be glasses, jewelry (men love bracelets and chains made of silver) or watches, you can find them in:

  • Deck;

  • Second;

  • Morza;

  • Aurum;

  • LuckyLOOK;

  • BrandOptics;

  • Golden Age.

Original gifts for guys

For many, the question of what to give a guy for his birthday remains open, because it is a great holiday and you want to please your loved one with an original and unusual gift, at Giftmall you can find such. Among many others, we can find:

  1. Certificate of massage. Back problems, frequent fatigue, stress and emotional tension are very exhausting, you can get rid of it just by going for a massage. Give your boyfriend care!

  2. Certificate for courses. Material gifts fail over time, but your boyfriend will remember the interesting and useful time for a long time. We offer a variety of courses, including:

  • Speech course;

  • Drawing course;

  • Italian wine course.

  1. Certificate at the gas station. The issue of fuel and the need to constantly buy it is a pain for all motorists, so this gift you can really please your boyfriend.

However, choosing a gift is only a component of success, we advise you to take care of stylish and festive packaging. Despite the fact that the stronger sex prefer practical and useful gifts, the appearance should not be forgotten. On his birthday, the birthday boy accepts many gifts, so you should do everything possible to make your gift stand out from everyone else. You can order holiday packaging directly at Giftmall. In addition to a beautiful box, we also recommend choosing a cute card. You can sign it yourself, wishing the birthday boy everything you want.

Universal gift for a guy from Giftmall

You can find an interesting gift for a guy only if you know his taste perfectly, or you know exactly what he needs. In other cases, a lottery awaits you, in which you will either be able to find a suitable gift or not. Usually, when an original gift cannot be found for a guy, there is only one thing left - to give money in an envelope, but this is at least outdated, and at most - not good.

Sometimes it is really difficult to find gift ideas for guys, it is difficult to choose even among the gift certificates. In this case, you can use the Giftmall life hack and choose a universal gift card. This way you will be able to choose a gift yourself from the entire range of the site - from a new shirt in a clothing store to a balloon flight.

When choosing a universal Giftmall gift card, you are sure to give an original gift, and you can be sure that your boyfriend will choose the thing he really needs. Here everything is as simple as possible:

  1. You choose the face value of the card and give it to your boyfriend.

  2. He, in turn, chooses on the site everything he likes for the amount of the certificate in any category.

  3. Enjoy. You are a well-chosen gift, your boyfriend is the thing he has been waiting for!

This type of certificate can be electronic or in the form of a code that will be sent by SMS-message to the phone. The face value of the certificate can be from UAH 200 to UAH 50,000, if the birthday person has chosen a gift that costs more than the amount of the certificate, he can pay the difference.

Emotional gifts for guys

If you are going to surprise a birthday boy when going to a party, then the best gifts for a guy are certificates for emotions. Today in the world of gifts this is a real trend, because instead of some material thing you can give the opportunity to experience unforgettable and vivid emotions! When choosing an impression, be sure to take into account the preferences and interests of the guy, we advise you to pay attention to the following original gifts for the boy's birthday:

  • Hot air balloon flight.

  • Quadro-biathlon.

  • ATV ride.

  • Extreme buggy race.

  • Hike to the quest room.

  • Flight in an air tube.

Any certificate on emotions will be one of the best gifts, the main thing is to choose it correctly. For example, a ride on an ATV or a hot air balloon flight is perfect for a calm and romantic person who does not like extreme sports. Plus, you can fly in a balloon with a guy, it will be the best date, which will definitely take place at altitude! For the more active, you can choose quad biathlon or a trip to the quest room, the first requires physical skills, the second - mental. For the extreme, the ideal option would be to fly in an air tube or buggy. In the first case, your boyfriend will be able to feel like this - really fly, and completely safe! In the second case, he receives a dose of adrenaline and drive from extreme rides on the buggy off-road. Well, what guy doesn't dream about that?

When choosing a certificate for the impression, be sure to take into account the phobias that the guy has, because those who are afraid of heights are unlikely to like the idea of ​​flying in a balloon.

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