What to give dad for his birthday: interesting, unusual and practical gifts

It so happens that we greet dad very rarely, and when it comes to what to look for and choose a gift - we ask for advice from mom, or give money. Or we buy in the souvenir shop some standard and unnecessary souvenirs of dubious quality, which no one ever uses. Maybe it's time to change everything?

We understand how difficult it is to choose a gift for dad, because he is one of those who never needs anything, who does not hint at anything, does not tell about dreams, and it is almost impossible to guess what he needs. Or maybe you don't need to guess? After all, Dad himself knows best what he needs, why not give him the opportunity to choose a gift?

You can do this with Giftmall certificates for shopping, choose from dozens of brands, stores and companies that your dad likes the most. Can't choose? Then choose a universal card, with which your dad can choose absolutely anything you want from the range of the site for the amount of the certificate. And if you are thinking about what to give your dad for his birthday to impress him to the core, then we advise you to pay attention to the certificates of services and impressions. For more practical men, a certificate from a car service will be a great gift, and if your dad loves adventure, he will definitely appreciate paragliding!


Gift ideas for dad

The best gift for dad is always something most useful and practical, but such a gift must be invented and found. We offer you win-win gift ideas for dad that will save you time:

  1. Elite alcohol.
  2. Tools.
  3. Leather goods.
  4. Accessories.
  5. Sports equipment.
  6. New technology and electronics.
  7. Footwear.
  8. Goods for cars.
  9. Goods for fishing or hunting.
  10. Watch.
  11. Book.
  12. Weapon.
  13. Clothing.
  14. Household goods.
  15. Care cosmetics for the beard.

The first thing that comes to mind when choosing a gift for dad is alcohol. We also believe that this is an eternal classic, and why not stick to it? A certificate in BadBoy, GOOD WINE or WINETIME will definitely be appreciated by your dad, and he will choose something to his liking. Also, when thinking about which gift to choose for your dad's birthday, many people choose tools, especially if their parents live in a private house or have a dacha. However, how to choose tools is unclear, and give the usual set in the form of a suitcase is not very bad. You can just order a certificate to the Epicenter and not worry!

Watches and books are also classic, but unusual gifts that any dad will be happy to receive. You can choose them in:

  • Yakaboo;
  • Deck;
  • Second.

If you want to impress your dad, you can make gifts related to his hobby. Does Dad follow a healthy lifestyle? A great gift will be a certificate in:

  • Intersport;
  • Sports Master;
  • Intertop.

Here you can choose clothes and shoes for classes, as well as sports equipment. Many dads like to go hunting or fishing, you are unlikely to know anything about it, it is better to entrust this matter to someone who really knows it - your dad. Choose a certificate in:

  • Military;
  • Dugout.

If your dad also loves his car more than his life, he will definitely appreciate the certificate for:

  •  Gas station;
  • ATL car service;
  • ATL.

Dad is probably the last person in our environment who cares what sneakers he is wearing and whether this shirt fits his new pants. However, everyone needs to update their wardrobe from time to time. In this case, you can choose a certificate in:

  • Tommy Hilfiger;
  • Intertop;
  • Under Armor;
  • Spirit;
  • Calvin Klein;
  • Diesel;
  • The North Face.

Does your dad have a long haircut, a beard or a mustache? Then all this must be comprehensively and professionally cared for, help him in this by ordering a certificate from Barbers. Here you can choose all the necessary men's cosmetics.

Original gifts for dad

Just for a birthday, the above gifts can be presented, but for the anniversary you need something really original and unusual. However, we also have such gifts, we offer to your attention:

  • Extreme driving courses in Kyiv (why not a cool gift for dad?) If your dad is still that extreme and car lover, he will definitely like this gift. A real storm of emotions, adrenaline and a smile to the ears, sometimes it is so easy to make loved ones happy!
  • GetDrive (active recreation center). Isn't your dad the person you prefer to relax on the couch with a book or in front of the TV? Then give him a real active vacation with a certificate from Giftmall.

But no matter what gift you choose - a certificate for shopping or something more interesting, there is one thing you should definitely think about - holiday packaging! The fact that Dad does not like to accept gifts does not mean that their appearance is not important to him. However, you do not need to look for a gift wrap, we have already taken care of everything in advance! On our website you can find a box that will fit perfectly with the certificate, the size and shade can be chosen independently. Well, what kind of birthday without wishes and warm words of gratitude? For such purposes it is possible to add the card to the order, on it it is possible to write the most sincere words which will be pleasant to read to any dad.

Universal gift for dad from Giftmall

We would like to warn you that a birthday present for your dad is one of the most difficult tasks you have ever had to perform. But we have one trick in store, thanks to which you can save yourself from the long torments of finding and choosing a gift. Even if the gift for the father on his birthday will be a certificate, it still needs to be chosen, and suddenly with the store you can not guess whether the entertainment is not suitable? Only Dad himself knows best what he really needs. So why not let him choose his own gift?

You can do this with a universal card from Giftmall. This is an electronic certificate, which is replenished for the amount you choose (from 200 to 50,000 UAH), in the future your dad can use it to purchase any certificates for shopping or impressions on the site. The validity of such a card is as long as 60 months, during which time you can figure out exactly how to use the certificate. If the selected certificates will cost more than the face value of the certificate - the difference can be paid extra, and the card can be used in parts.

Emotional gifts for the father

When it comes to an original gift for dad's birthday, the certificate of shopping in this case will not save the situation, you need something really fantastic and impressive. No ideas? We will tell you what to do! When choosing gifts for Dad's birthday, we dream most of all that Dad liked them and that he felt positive emotions, smiled and was happy. But it is not necessary to give material things for this, you can give emotions at once!

Impression certificates are a win-win gift idea, and most importantly, impressions can be chosen individually! We do not know your dad's preferences, dreams and interests, but we know the TOP 5 impressions that will appeal to anyone!

  1. Paragliding
  2. Flight in an air tube
  3. A buggy walk in the woods
  4. A trip on a yacht
  5. Master class / lesson / courses

Endless blue skies, a feeling of free flight and the lightest aircraft that can climb high and gain high speed. Emotions from such a gift will simply overwhelm you and your dad! If this is not extreme enough, then you should look in the direction of flying in an air tube, this is a relatively new type of entertainment, because previously this device was used directly for training, but today anyone can fly!

For a quiet and family experience, you can choose a buggy ride, it's almost like an ATV, only more interesting. You can take a leisurely walk in the middle of beautiful nature, or you can press the brakes and drive properly!

When choosing a gift for your dad, do you aim to impress him? Then definitely choose a trip on a yacht, it's a gift that your dad will not even guess! The topic of self-development is extremely relevant today, and if your father likes to learn about something and learn something new, then a certificate for some courses or master class will definitely come in handy!

Another advantage of certificates for the impression is that your dad will feel positive emotions when he receives the certificate, he will be very surprised and happy, because he will have an unforgettable adventure. But right when he exchanges the certificate for real impressions!

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