What to give dad for Father's Day: useful gifts and original solutions

Not so long ago, Father's Day became an international holiday. Now there is an additional reason to please a close and dear person. A gift for Father's Day should be useful and practical, and most importantly — memorable. Therefore, you should not look in the direction of monotonous souvenirs flaunting on store shelves. It is better to give preference to a gift certificate.

It may refer to the purchase of goods or the receipt of certain services. For example, technical inspection of a car. A good option is the universal Giftmall gift card. Such a gift for Father's Day does not limit a person, opening access to millions of goods and services. In addition, it can be used at any time within 60 months.

Remember: the main attention, not the cost of the presentation. So even gifts created with your own hands will come in handy. They can be used as an addition to really useful surprises: electronics and household appliances, goods for hunting and fishing, tools, etc. Father's Day gifts are an opportunity to remind a loved one how much they are respected. Therefore, do not postpone the preparation for the holiday indefinitely.


Universal Father's Day Gift

Giftmall gift card is a solution for a person of all ages, professions, hobbies. It allows you to pay for the purchase of goods online or offline, as well as receive certain services and experiences available through trusted partners. Therefore, when the question arises of what to give dad for Father's Day, feel free to choose this option.

Such a present is a good alternative to money in an envelope. Agree: if money for a birthday is still a possible option, then for such holidays it is a taboo. Other features of the Giftmall card include:

  1. Geography. The card can be used in all corners of Ukraine. If it is not possible to physically visit the store, you can place an order in the online store.
  2. Denomination. The available denomination varies from 200 to 50,000 UAH. So children can fully fit into the planned budget.
  3. Type of. There is a physical plastic Giftmall card. It can be given during the celebration with a good postcard. Another type is an electronic certificate. The activation code will be sent to the messenger (Telegram or Viber), by email or via SMS. So this is a good opportunity to give a Father's Day gift to a distant person.
  4. Validity. The card can be used for 60 months. Classic certificates do not provide such an opportunity. In addition, the balance is not canceled after the first purchase. If the amount of selected goods exceeds the declared face value, it is easy to pay the difference.

The card is packed in a beautiful designer holder. It contains all the basic information that dad will need to activate the certificate. Additionally, a gift can be put in an envelope, supplemented with a card with warm wishes.

Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

As mentioned above, a gift for dad on Father's Day should be useful and practical. Therefore, we offer several ideas that allow you to quickly decide and save a lot of time:

  1. Electronics.
  2. Appliances.
  3. Portable tools.
  4. Tourist equipment.
  5. Equipment for sports activities.
  6. Office.
  7. Accessories for storing money, cards, securities.
  8. Auto accessories.
  9. Accessories for smartphone or tablet.
  10. Care cosmetics.
  11. Elite alcohol.
  12. Sweets.
  13. Exotic fruits.
  14. Book.
  15. Board game.
  16. Goods for hunting.
  17. Goods for fishing.

Start your search for a gift for dad on Father's Day by shopping for home goods. There you will be able to find a bunch of useful things: from power tools to bags, organizers, household items. It is this category of presentations that is considered the most appropriate for such a holiday. So, be sure to purchase a certificate in:

  • Epicenter;
  • JYSK;
  • HIS;
  • Yaroslav.

If a father loves aromatic coffee in the morning, let him take a look at the JURA coffee machine online store page. As an addition, you can choose something sweet in:

  • Auchan;
  • NOVUS;
  • Cheese Kingdom.

A certificate for a liquor store will do. If dad prefers tea, let him visit the Tea House.

Anything related to dad's hobbies will come in handy. For example, men often like to relax in nature. A new spinning rod with tackle or a night vision device is a good gift for Father's Day. Choosing such a present on your own, especially for a daughter, can be difficult. Therefore, the best solution is a certificate in:

  • Military;
  • Dugout.

A motorist can be given a certificate for service at a service station or a fuel card. Various accessories are also useful, which, together with electronics and household appliances, are sold in:

  • Comfy;
  • Eldorado;
  • Mi Store;
  • CE TO.

An active and busy dad needs an office. You can also pick up a wallet or card holder in:

  • Parfois;
  • Blackwood;
  • Blanknote;
  • The Wings.

If you want to spend more time together, give a card or board game. Look for her in Bombatgame. You can complement such a present with sweets, exotic fruits. If you like relaxing at home, you can subscribe to Yakaboo. Add a warm plaid with sleeves to such a present. Be sure to pay attention to the hobbies of a loved one to find a really good gift for Father's Day.

Original gifts for dad on Father's Day

An original gift for dad on Father's Day doesn't always mean something amazing. Sometimes these are simple things that seem more everyday to children than to their parents. For example:

  • electric sheet;
  • thermo cup;
  • robot vacuum cleaner.

In general, anything that allows you to simplify life and make more time for yourself will do. An equally good idea is custom jewelry. For example, a high-quality leather bracelet. If dad wears such accessories, then he will definitely remember such a gift. On Father's Day, you can prepare a gift related to hobbies of cinema or TV shows. How about a cup from the famous Friends series or a personalized comic book? Family gifts will also come in handy:

  • a camera that immediately prints a photo;
  • pajamas for all family members in the same style;
  • photo album;
  • photo collage to hang on the wall.

Perhaps the father is inclined towards collecting. Then it is the addition of his collection that will allow showing love and attention.

If Father's Day is just around the corner, and the question of what to give to a loved one has not yet been resolved, take a closer look at all sorts of technological tricks:

  • electric barbecue;
  • home brewery;
  • portable weather station;
  • phytolamp.

Remember that even a valuable gift cannot replace a frank conversation and time spent together. So complement the main present by organizing a joint celebration, prepare a cake. Take care of holiday packaging. Even an ordinary certificate can be enclosed in a motley envelope. Pack a material gift in a huge box. Remember how many emotions a person experiences when trying to guess what is under the lid. Be sure to complete the surprise with a postcard. On the back, leave a few wishes or attach a joint photo. Maybe a fun memory from childhood. Holiday boxes and cards can also be ordered on Giftmall.

Emotional Gifts for Dad on Father's Day

Well, no one will argue that the best gifts for Father's Day are memorable ones. It's about emotions. Impression certificates are only gaining popularity in Ukraine. However, this is a good opportunity to have fun and push a person to fulfill their cherished desires. If you want to make a truly personal gift, rely on your father's lifestyle. Suitable for outdoor enthusiasts:

  1. Karting. What man doesn't love speed? Send your dad go-karting with friends. Let him feel like a real Schumacher.
  2. Climbing wall. It will give you the opportunity not only to spend time with benefit, but also to maintain physical fitness.
  3. Flight in a wind tunnel. Similar to skydiving, only with less harm to the body. In addition, it will be possible to feel adrenaline during a free fall much longer.
  4. Visit to shooting range. It seems that the ability to shoot and protect your family will soon become a must-have for every man. The ability to handle weapons builds self-confidence. So such a gift for Father's Day will definitely be remembered.
  5. Rent of bicycles and scooters. A good opportunity to relax after a busy working week. Walking around the city on scooters or through the forest on bicycles — everyone will find their ideal option.

If a father spends little time with his family due to a busy schedule, perhaps it's time to correct the situation? Take a look at the following certificates:

  1. A walk to the movies. The good old movie that you watch every year with the whole family, or the long-awaited movie premiere, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is more popcorn and Coca-Cola.
  2. Yacht trip. Let the dearest person feel like a Hollywood movie star. In addition, the yacht club offers boating lessons.
  3. Visit to the art workshop. Take the whole family to the art workshop. There are several options for activities that will be a good gift for dad on Father's Day.
  4. Joint master class. Painting, cooking delicious dishes, pottery — it all depends on the interests of a particular person.
  5. Walk on horseback. If the father loves communication with animals, then such a family walk will be a great option.

The main rule of preparing for Father's Day is to think over the gift in advance. So you can choose something really worthwhile and do not have to run around the shops at the last moment. Do not forget that the most important thing for parents is sincere attention from loving children.

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