What to give a guy for Nikolai: from thematic presents to exciting experiences

Saint Nicholas Day is the best holiday in the winter calendar. A gift for a guy for Nicholas is a good opportunity to make the holiday warm, pleasant and truly fabulous. Therefore, you should not focus on Chinese souvenirs and all kinds of little things that will simply gather dust on the shelf. It is better to buy a gift certificate or a universal Giftmall card that opens access to millions of goods and services from official partners.


Universal gift for a guy on Nicholas

The universal Giftmall card is a bright gift that becomes a good alternative to money in an envelope. Agree: such a gift to a guy on Nikolai will be remembered for a long time. Men generally do not like to accept money as a gift from women. Therefore, it is better to focus on this option. In addition, the Giftmall card, when compared with a regular certificate, has more advantages:

  1. Type of. There is both a physical card and its electronic equivalent. The activation code can be sent to the messenger (Telegram or Viber), by e-mail or SMS. So there is an opportunity to make a gift to a person even at a distance.
  2. Denomination. The amount that can be indicated in the certificate varies from 200 to 50,000 UAH. Therefore, it will be possible to fully fit into the planned budget.
  3. Validity. You can activate the Giftmall card within 60 months. Agree: this is enough for even the most demanding person to find a good present for himself.

In addition, the balance of funds is not canceled after the first payment for goods or services. So you can use it next time. It is equally important that the Giftmall card can be used not only when ordering goods, but also services or experiences. Therefore, such a gift for Nikolai to a guy has no restrictions: age, professional, style.

Interestingly, the designers took care of the visuals in advance. The card is well designed. Therefore, it can be presented as an independent element or put into an envelope, which will become a logical continuation of the design concept.

The best gift ideas for a guy on St. Nicholas

It is easy to make a mistake with an exotic gift. For example, a loved one will not like the Christmas print on his new sweater. Styling such a thing in an ordinary way is really very difficult. So the best solution is a classic, which will be a good gift for Nikolai to a guy. If you're out of ideas, check out this list of cool gifts:

  1. Perfume.
  2. Care cosmetics.
  3. Leather accessory.
  4. Sportswear.
  5. Sneakers.
  6. Book.
  7. Board game.
  8. Sweets.
  9. Alcohol.
  10. Flask.
  11. Thermo Cup.
  12. Office.
  13. Auto accessories.
  14. Home decor.
  15. Electronics.

In winter, you should focus on stores with goods for the home. There you will find everything: from the things you need in everyday life (glasses, plates, kitchen utensils) to festive decor. It is the last category that will be a good gift for Nikolai to your beloved. Look for it all in:

  • Epicenter;
  • JYSK;
  • Orner;
  • HIS;

Also a good option is classic clothes or a tracksuit if the guy is actively involved in sports. Choose clothes depending on your lifestyle: a warm hoodie for sports-chic lovers, a beautiful shirt for active businessmen. Since guessing the size can be difficult, it's best to focus on certificates in:

  • Jack Wolfskin;
  • ZAVOD;
  • Decathlon;
  • Seven Mountains.

It is clear that you can give a guy for Nikolai office and leather accessories. A person who constantly forgets something will need a large glider, a creative artist — a sketchbook. Influential boss — a pen with a nominal engraving. A wallet or purse will become a universal present. An extra backpack or travel bag is always required as well. These items are sold at:

  • Sammy Icon;
  • 5000 Miles;
  • Blanknote;
  • Calvin Klein.

The main thing is not to put off preparing for the holiday for a century. This way you will be able to find a really good gift.

Original gifts for a loved one on Nicholas

An original gift for Nicholas to a young man requires careful preparation. But it has much more advantages: a sea of ​​positive emotions, a wow effect. These presentations include:

  1. Sanitizers for electronics. Unfortunately, a smartphone or tablet has not yet learned how to kill bacteria on its own. The developers solved this problem a long time ago by deciding to make a sanitizer for phones.
  2. Table baseball. Just like football, only a little more interesting. To immerse yourself in the world of American football, just unpack the board game and organize a team of family or friends.
  3. Safe cube. Good combination of practice and logic. Before you put securities or money inside, the safe-cube will have to be folded. Such a gift for a guy on Nikolai will definitely be remembered.
  4. Praxinoscope. A very original surprise that will suit a creative professional. This device was developed by a Frenchman, Emile Renault. It allows you to produce small animation work at home. Why not turn one of the winter evenings into a real fairy tale?

An original surprise is not always about creative things. Consider the aesthetic component, even if it seems that men are indifferent to a beautiful wrapper. Remember how many joyful emotions you managed to experience as a child in anticipation of St. Nicholas. As soon as colorful boxes appeared on the horizon, the heart beat faster. So gifts for Nikolai for a guy should definitely be well packed. As well as complete with a greeting card, which can be found on Giftmall.

Choose a festive design, and there will be room for warm words at the back. Complete the postcard with a general photo taken last winter.

Emotional gifts for a loved one on St. Nicholas

Well, if you are tired of stereotypical material gifts, why not please your loved one with positive emotions? There are quite a few experience certificates that you can use in winter. For example:

  1. A walk to the movies. A good answer to the question of what to give a guy for Nikolai. Lots of fragrant popcorn, delicious Coca-Cola and a funny Christmas comedy. This holiday will definitely be remembered.
  2. Karting. A fan of active extreme driving will like this activity. In order not to risk your life and drift in the ice arena, go to the closed mall.
  3. Climbing wall. An experienced coach will help beginners join this activity. For professionals, this is not only a vacation, but also an opportunity to maintain good physical shape.
  4. Massage for two. Such a gift for a guy on Nikolai demonstrates care and love. Especially if on the eve of the long-awaited holidays many working tails had to be closed.
  5. Quest room. Suitable for connoisseurs of puzzles and complex riddles. You can choose a holiday theme.

You can also focus on practical certificates divided by two. Or choose something that will help self-improvement and self-development. This is about:

  1. Online courses. Interesting training programs are offered by IT companies. If a loved one wants to try his hand at the most popular profession or master new skills, then the Christmas holidays are a good time.
  2. Master classes. Painting with alcohol paints, pottery or creating Christmas decorations — spend time together in the company of professionals in their field. The master class allows not only to form new skills, but also to meet interesting people.
  3. Visit the art workshop. Even more options for a pleasant pastime that will reveal new sides of the personality. Such a gift for Nicholas to a loved one is as personalized as possible.
  4. Visit to the shooting range. It seems that soon every man will learn to hold a weapon in his hands. In addition, a visit to the shooting gallery is a good anti-stress.
  5. Dance school. Approaching activity. If a guy doesn't mind learning to dance, why not give it a try?

So, there are enough options. It is enough to analyze the lifestyle of a loved one, his preferences and attitudes towards the profession in order to find a good present.

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