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Beer Theater "Pravda"

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The only Lviv beer known in the world. Unique flavors of craft beer, which have already received 17 awards in world competitions. The place is known not only for the craft beer, but also for the drive brass band that gathers the full audience.
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How to use

To use the electronic certificate in the Pravda Beer Theater restaurant, you must give the waiter a printed certificate or barcode number when calculating.
The maximum number of certificates that can be used when calculating in one check is 1 pc.

Terms & Conditions

Only 50% of the cost of beer can be written off with a certificate.

    How to use the Pravda Beer Theater certificate

    1. The certificate is valid for 6 months. The card shows the expiration date.
    2. A gift certificate can be divided into an unlimited number of checks within the face value and validity period.
    3. The certificate applies to all menus in the restaurants of the network, except for alcohol and cigarettes (the exception is Pravda Beer Theater and the best Lviv tincture “Drunk Cherry”: in these establishments you can charge 50% for beer / or / cherry, and pay the rest money).
    4. When calculating a gift certificate, bonus points are not awarded.
    5. The maximum number of certificates that can be used when calculating in one check is 1 pc.
    6. The certificate is not subject to return and restoration in case of loss.
    7. The certificate is not exchangeable for cash.
    8. You can use the certificate in any institution of the FEST network throughout Ukraine, except for the Lviv Chocolate Workshop (in this institution, you can use the certificate only in Lviv). More information - www.fest.lviv.ua/uk/restaurants/.


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