Questroom in Kiev


Many people in childhood loved to solve various puzzle challenges in special magazines. And now they have the opportunity to solve various rebuses not only in two-dimensional, but also in a more realistic three-dimensional space, if you go to the quest-room. Currently, the quest-room works in many cities of the post-Soviet republics, attracting lovers to solve various fascinating tasks.


What is a quest room?


Any quest room is equipped with various electronic devices, sensors and butafory space (or several rooms separated by locked doors), after entering which guests it is necessary to solve any puzzle or simply find a way to open the door to choose - find the key or code To the castle. Perhaps something of the quest-rooms are similar to the tests of people in a series of films about "saw", only without tragic finals for the losers.


From the inside the quest room can be furnished as a prison, a medieval lock room or location from a famous movie or literary work. One of the famous quests in Yekaterinburg is dedicated to the book "Alice in Wonderland." During the fulfillment of quests, players have to search for caches or hide doors, run various mechanisms or try to get out of some trap or open a bank safe. Modern quest rooms are filled with hidden wires, thermal and light sensors, magnetic locks. A player or players are usually given to the player or players from 45 to 90 minutes. Questrooms work in many countries of the world, so they can be visited during holidays in Munich, London, Paris, Bangkok, Budapest.


In the quest rooms there may be unpredictable surprises or false (alternative) paths to the goal, as in many labyrinths and puzzles. The decision of the quest-room mysteries does not imply the use of brute force - it is not usually necessary to break anything. We only need to show observation, guessiness, intelligence, smelting. Visiting the quest-room paid, prizes for winners is usually not provided - except any incentive icons and letters.


In some entertainment facilities there are more than fifteen quest rooms (of course, with different plots and tasks), so once successfully (or unsuccessfully) having been in one of them, a week later, a month or one and a half will be trying to try their strength to another. You can go to the quest-room with your loved one or a couple of faithful friends.


Certificate for quest


If you want to please your friends and loved ones, you can give a certificate in the quest room. You can have fun. Such a gift can be presented to both colleagues. Solving the task outside the office helps to rally the team.


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