Massage as a gift


If you decide to give a massage session as a gift, then you probably want to make a pleasant, unusual and useful recipient of the gift. Massage is one not only one of the most pleasant, but effective non-drugs of the impact on the body, which is used both in preventive, wellness, and for medicinal purposes.

As a gift you can choose a classic European massage or oriental (for example Thai).


Why massage cool gift


Eastern massage used for several millennia is based on the so-called system of meridians. The whole body of a person, according to this concept, is permeated with energy channels, binding internal organs, skin and CNS departments. On the surface of the body or under the skin, biologically active points are located, affecting which (also producing movements along the lines of energy channels) can be heal those or other pathologies of internal organs.


Eastern massage specialists do not use oils and other lubricants in order to actively influence the body. Eastern massage can be made not only by hand, but also legs, and not only from the periphery to the center, but also in the opposite direction. The basis of Eastern massage lies an idea of ​​the relationship and interaction of all processes in the human body.

The classic European massage affects certain segments of the body, contributing to the removal of pain syndrome, eliminate the adhesions, edema, rehabilitation of the rehabilitation period after various diseases and injuries. In addition, the massage contributes to maintaining the body in the tone.


What massage to choose for a gift?


Depending on the purpose, the massage is divided into wellness, cosmetic, sports and therapeutic.


Wellness massage is used in preventive purposes and contributes to the maintenance of the body in the tone.


Cosmetic massage contributes to improving the condition of the skin of the face, the area of ​​the neckline, hands. In this case, the massage course not only gives the effect of visual rejuvenation, but also contributes to the improvement of the body as a whole. The cosmetic massage, in turn, can be divided into hygienic, plastic (used to improve the state of fading skin) and therapeutic (contribute to the elimination of such defects as wrinkles, swelling of the face, folds, etc.).


Sports massage allows you to improve the state of an athlete, prevent possible injuries and diseases, remove the symptoms of overwork. Allocate training, preliminary, recovery massage, also massage, which is used in the treatment of various injuries and diseases. At the same time, massage for each sport has individual features.

Recovery massage helps after serious physical exertion, used after transferred diseases, including those associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Therapeutic massage is used both in the process of diseases and to reduce the rehabilitation period. Therapeutic massage is successfully used in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, otolaryngological, gynecological, dermatological and many other diseases. Normalizing muscle, joints, body tissues, metabolic processes, therapeutic massage in many cases is prevention of disability.


Cosmetic massage is used to improve the state of the scalp, the skin of the face and neck. First of all, the specialist determines the skin type, available problems, as well as ways to solve them. Depending on the purpose of the cosmetic massage, various techniques that contribute to:


 Normalization of the work of the sebaceous and swelling glands, preventing the procurement of pores;

 Eliminate stagnant phenomena with acne rash;

 Smoothing wrinkles;

 Removal of swelling, eliminating finescence;

 Strengthening an oval face;

 Reducing fat deposits in the cheek area and chin;

 Strengthening hair growth.


In parallel with the cosmetic massage to enhance the effect, special masks, steam baths, compresses that the dermatologist-beautician pick up individually are used.


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