Balloon flying


Advertising flights in balloons often gives rise to many questions from people. Among the most popular "How is the flight going?", "Where can I fly?", "What is needed to implement such a voyage?". In fact, the journey on the thermal aerostat will require only the wishes of the client and some finances.

Prepare somehow more special for flight in a balloon there is no need. Even before the start, the instructors will tell in detail all the nuances of the journey and will conduct instructing concerning safety equipment during the flight. In addition, the pilot of the balloon will share interesting facts from the history, the pioneers of the airplane and the appearance of the first balloons.


Flying on a bowl - an unforgettable gift


The happy owners of the cherished ticket on the flight in the sky besides dating with the history of such vigors, will also be able to get acquainted with the design of the aircraft, seeing its full installation and pre-flight training.


In the overwhelming part of cases, the flight of the ball is carried out in the direction of wind movement. Travelers will spend about an hour in the sky. A small height of the flight passing no higher than 500 meters above the Earth will create the illusion of the saving in the air and the possibility of touching the trees.


On Earth, the ball flight will be accompanied by motor vehicles with the team, in the tasks of which enters the safe landing of the ball. On land, passengers will certainly congratulate the debut as aeronautics and will be presented to the corresponding diploma.


Features of flights on a balloon and some rules


Only a summer period will be restricted when the flight is possible only in the morning or in the evening in front of the sunset.


Weather conditions are important. During strong gusts of wind, rain or snowfall, flights are prohibited. Departure at the fog and at night is under the ban, since visibility will be minimal, and the pilot will not be able to manage the ball and make it a landing. When flying, wind gusts should not exceed 5 m / s.


The rise in the balloon is made in the daytime day. In the summer, the start of flights is given at 6 am, and in the evening the lifts are made from 19 to 21.


Flying to the sky is best done in the sporting version. The head should certainly be a cap or hat. This is necessary in order to protect your head from a possible heat strike from the burner work. You can not shove the shoes with a high heel in order to avoid the loss of equilibrium when it is at the height.


If there is a desire to fly along with children, then we should weigh everything "for" and "against", because in case of their whims, the journey will have to stop. Flying on a ball for a child is possible only after the last 6 years.


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