Any holiday leaves pleasant memories, it is always positive emotions, time spent with the family, and, of course, gifts. An unusual and good gift is always joyful, and if you choose it correctly, you can even fulfill a person's dream, can you imagine?

Gift ideas and selection rules

The question of what to buy for a gift probably tormented everyone before the holidays or some kind of celebration. There are universal gift ideas, such as flowers or sweets, but sometimes you want to make an individual and special gift so that the person accepts it and understands that they thought about the gift for a long time, tried to choose it.


Choosing gifts is always difficult and time-consuming, be prepared for this. In order to avoid situations when the hero of the occasion will not be too happy with his gift, you need to know about the main rules when choosing a gift and what you should pay attention to. While Giftmall Gift Certificates are a universal gift, keep in mind:

  1. Character. Be sure to take temperament into account when choosing a gift, because for impressionable people, extreme gifts such as paragliding or skydiving will not work.
  2. Age. Be sure to start from the age group, because what teens will be happy with will not be liked by an adult at all.
  3. Lifestyle. If a person is a stay-at-home, then he will appreciate a beautiful and cozy thing for the house, but for careerists, the ideal gift will be something related to work.
  4. Hobby. You can be 100% sure that if you focus on impressions, then you will definitely not be mistaken with the choice.


Many people think that it is much easier for a woman to choose a present than for a man, but this is not at all the case. The fair sex has an actively developed intuition, so they will immediately feel whether a present was presented with a soul or not. But a man does not express very vivid emotions when he accepts a gift, even if he really liked it and dreamed of it. In any case, on the Giftmall website you can find gift certificates for both women and men.

Win-win options what to buy for a gift

Much also depends on who needs to buy a gift - a soul mate, parents, brother or sister, colleague or friends. There are very few universal gifts, and what can greatly please and make your mother happy will, on the contrary, disappoint your girlfriend. The easiest way is to choose gifts for friends, they value simplicity, they do not need to give something overly expensive, and the main thing is that you perfectly know the tastes of your friends, so you can guess with a gift.


However, whoever you choose a gift, the main factor is the cost of the gift. If there is no money to buy some expensive present, you can make an original gift with your own hands. We offer TOP gifts that will be win-win in any situation:

  1. Perfume or eau de toilette - it can be difficult to choose such gifts, but on Giftmall you can order certificates for cosmetics and perfumes.
  2. Painting or printing on canvas - certificates for these services are also presented on our website.
  3. Certificate for alcohol tasting - if you wish, you can supplement it with a certificate for dinner at the same establishment and other entertainment.
  4. A certificate for a clothing store is simple, proven over the years and is suitable for many holidays.
  5. Certificate to popular jewelry stores in the country - here you will find certificates of popular Ukrainian and local brands. ...
  6. Certificate to the bookstore - not sure which genre the hero of the occasion prefers? Let him choose an interesting book on his own.
  7. Emotions and impressions are the ones that are added to every Giftmall gift certificate!

TOP gifts and the secrets of their choice

It is difficult to find unusual, unbroken and non-trivial gift ideas, we agree. The choice of a gift must be approached responsibly and seriously, since in this way you can express your attitude towards a person, talk about your respect and love for him. Any gift should be a surprise, then the effect of surprise will play its role, in addition to the gift, you can purchase a bouquet or a sweet present. Also prepare your congratulatory speech in advance.


In order not to rack your brains over which gift to order, you must follow the main rules and secrets of choosing a gift. Using our advice, as well as a catalog of original gifts, you can please, surprise and evoke a sea of ​​enthusiastic emotions from the addressee.


  1. Determine for yourself the amount of the gift based on your attitude towards the person

If this is a colleague, then for her the cost of the gift will be the same, but for a close friend it will be completely different. This will also significantly affect the choice of gift, since it is best for colleagues and the boss to give presents that are directly related to their professional activities, their hobbies (if they are generally known). But choosing a gift for a loved one, you can give free rein to imagination.

  1. Consider the desire of the person who will receive the gift

The main mistake many make when choosing a gift is to focus solely on their own desires and preferences. This way you will buy a gift that only you will like.

  1. The gift must match the means

If you donate too expensive a present to a person who is not very close, then put him in an awkward position and in the future he will want to give you a present for the same amount.


And remember that when choosing a gift, you don't need to pay attention solely to the price. A gift certificate can be inexpensive, but interesting and original. Do not limit yourself to banal ideas like money in an envelope, if you don’t know what to give at all, then you can present a certificate to some store for shopping or entertainment.


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