A gift for a boy is always a bit of a headache. Of course, you can go the classic way and just donate a car, Lego or toy soldiers. But are you sure that such a present can definitely please the baby? Most likely not, because today children are developing very quickly, but parents cannot keep track of all the gadgets, characters and hobbies that their children are fond of.


What to do in this case and where to find gifts for the boy's birthday to make him happy? We bring you ideas for the best gifts for boys, which they will absolutely love! It is extremely important for children to know and understand that they are personalities and their opinions are taken into account, even when choosing a present, you can give your child the right to choose - to present him with a gift certificate from Giftmall for his birthday, to a clothing or toy store, equipment, or even for entertainment.

What to give a boy based on his personality type

When choosing what to give a boy, first of all, it is worth remembering that a child (even the smallest one) is a person, he has his own character, interests, values, temperament and tastes. Focus on this, and then you can guess 100% with a gift! To buy a gift for a boy and not disappoint him, you need to focus on what type of personality he has:

  1. Creative

Gifts for the development of creative potential are ideal for such children - from a variety of needlework kits to master classes, lessons and sports passes. Of course, in our catalog you will find certificates for the all-round development of the boy's creative skills.

  1. Research

Remember that children learn the world only through something new and unusual. You can give the boy a certificate to the children's store with kits for scientific experiments or various tools and devices (for older children). Do not give up the book either, because many children love to read and learn something new, and if you don’t know what to give the boy for his birthday, just buy a certificate at the bookstore.

  1. Collector

Children at an early age are fond of many things, including collecting various figures, characters or other things that interest them. If you have just such a boy, then you should look for a certificate in an interesting toy store or collection shop.

  1. Sports

Here you can go for a walk and choose a gift depending on the sport that your child is fond of. This can be a certificate for the purchase of sports equipment, a membership to a gym or a section, or even a master class in a particular sport.

  1. Fashionista

Of course, children strongly adopt the parental model of behavior, so they often want to look as stylish as their parents. How about a gift certificate to a clothing store from Giftmall? The site presents a wide range of different stores, this is a great opportunity to instill taste in a child.

Ideas what to give a boy

When choosing a birthday present for a boy, remember that they must be original and cool. We offer you a list of the coolest gifts that your children will definitely like.

  1. toy store certificate

Choosing a good toy for a child is a real challenge, so it is better to let him choose for himself. In addition, such a gift forms in children a sense of responsibility and the ability to make decisions, because he himself chooses what to play with.

  1. certificate for hanging out

Sometimes, all a child wants is to spend a special day with family or friends. For this, certificates for joint riding on ATVs, bicycles, small trips or even family quests around the city are the best suited.

  1. entertainment certificate

It is unlikely that you will be able to find a person who would not like entertainment, and even more so, children. Various escape rooms, amusement parks, circuses and other places for entertainment are presented in the Giftmall catalog.

  1. certificate for personal gifts

Perhaps your boy has long dreamed of an unusual mug, a T-shirt with a unique print, or a sweatshirt with his own design. Giftmall has collected certificates for a number of similar services in your city!

Choosing a gift for boys: how to narrow your searches

It is not difficult to search for and select gifts for boys if you take into account the individual characteristics of the child, as well as gender. However, you do not need to be so strict about shades, that is, you should not buy all exclusively dark (black, brown, blue) colors due to the fact that this color is purely stereotypically suitable for a boy. Choose what your baby likes most.


Also, analyze what you have already given him and what he was most pleased with, so you can significantly narrow the circle of searches. Before the holiday, we recommend that you check with other family members and guests what they will give the child, firstly, this will help you understand in which direction you need to move, and secondly, so the gifts will not be repeated and the baby will be happy.


But even if you have not clarified anything with anyone, you can safely and confidently order gift certificates from Giftmall, because no one else will bring such a present for sure!


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